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RAD Protection. Chap 1 intro to rad protection

What is the most effective tool for diagnosing breast cancer early? Mammo
The degree to which the diagnostic study accurately reveals the presence or absence of disease in the patient is termed diagnostic efficacy
ALARA is synonymous with ORP, which stands for Optimization for radiation protection
What is risk? the possibility of inducing radiogenic cancer or a genetic defect after irradiation.
What does BERT stand for? Background equivalent radiation time
What is the BERT method? What does it do? BERT compares the amount of radiation the patient will receive for a specific procedure with natural background radiation received over a given period of time.
BERT is based on an annual US population exposure of approx. ____millisieverts per year. 3
BERT does not imply ______, it is simply a comparison. risk
____ emphasizes that radiation is an innate part of our environment. BERT
the mSv is equal to ________ of a sievert. 1/1000. (....SI unit for equivalent dose)
What does TRACE stand for? Tools for Radiation Awareness and Community Education Program
TRACE has two phases: formulating new policies and procedures to promote rad safety & community education, and Technological enhancements.
3 basic principles of radiation protection are ____, ____, & _____. Time, distance, shielding
Radiation protection is defined as effective measures employed by radiation workers to safeguard people from ________ exposure. unnecessary
What does ESE stand for? entrance skin exposure
When are people more willing to accept a risk? if they perceive the potential benefit to be obtained is greater than the risk involved.
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) is is directly responsible for ____, ______, _____ of the ALARA program. execution, enforcement, maintenance
Who's responsibility is it to perform periodic exposure audits to determine how to lower radiation exposure in the workplace? Radiation Safety Officer
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