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core concept 3.1-6


weather condition outside
climate average weather in many years
precipitation water that falls from the sky
temperature measure of hot and cold
polar zones high latitude:very cold
tropics low latitudes:hot
temperate zones middle latitudes hot summers cold winters
altitude height above sea level
water cycle movement of water from earth to the atmosphere
evaporation when a liquid turns into a gas
intertropical convergence zone area of rising air near the equator
tropical cyclone an intense rain storm
hurricane cyclone that forms over the Atlantic Ocean
tornado a swirling funnel of wind
tropical wet hot temperatures and heavy rainfall
tropical wet and dry wet season and dry season
humid subtropical year-round precipitation
maritime wet year-round mild winters and cool summers
subarctic limited precipitation cool summers and cold winters
semiarid dry climates
tundra cool summers and very cold and dry winters
deciduous trees trees that lose their leaves in the fall
coniferous trees produce cones to create seeds
savanna park like landscape of grasslands
ecosystem animals or plants that depend on each other to live
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