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review class test 1

what is the name of a regulation established by a government body law
what are generally accepted customs of right living called morals
who established the code of ethics for RT's ARRT
what do the initals DNR stand for Do Not Resesitate
what are the initals for the law that protect patient confidentiality HIPAA
if you chose for someone to make medical decisions for you in the event that you are unable to make decisions for yourself,that person is known as your health care poxy
what is the fastest(least lag) form of television camera used in flouroscopy CCD-Charge Coupled Device
the formula for the transformer law for voltage is vs/vp=ns/np
the amount of scatter radiation versus the amount of "good" radiation that is grid lets pass is known as grid-------- selectivity
restraining a patient without a doctors orders is considered false imprisionment
if you physically force a patient to submit to an exam,you maybe arrested for---- battery
the tendency of barium sufate to clump and come out of suspension is called flocculation
when setting up for a myleogram and you have them sign a document agreeing to the procedure you are receiving informed consent
what is the difference in medical and surgical asepsis? medical-a reduction in bacteria, surgical-preventing contamination before,during & after surgery using sterile technique,(free of all bacteria)
what is the technique that is used to keep objects utilized in certain procedures free from contamination sterilization
what is the general term used to describe any disease causing organism pathogen
this is an infection resulting form the activities of physicians iatrogenic
what is an infection obtained in the hospital nosocomial
a mosquito that spreads malaria to a human is an example of a vector
what are the 4 things needed to complete the cycle of infection? host,infectious organism, method of transmission,and resevoir
if you do not disinfect a cassette after using it on a patient with a communicable disease you may spread the disease by the casssette serving as a formite
what is the name of the form of precaution which is designed to prevent you from harming patients with surpressed immune systems neutroponic isolation
what is the name for the practice of treating every patient as if they were potentially infectious standard precautions
where is the center of gravity S2
a sudden drop in blood pressure when a person goes form supine to erect is known as what orthostatic hypotension
what type of shock does a person go into when having a allergic reaction to contrast anaphylactic shock
what is urticaria hives
name a side effect a patient may experience upon being injected with contrast media metallic taste,warm feeling,sensation of urination
this is the term for a plant or animal that harbors or nourishes another organism host
name a positive constrast agent barium
is barium a water soluble contrast agent No
name a side effect a patient may experience upon being injected with contrast media metallic taste,warm feeling,sensation of urination
this is the term for a plant or animal that harbors or nourishes another organism host
name a positive constrast agent barium
is barium a water soluble contrast agent No
what are the two categories of iodoniated constrast ionic and non-ionic
define contraindication a symptom or condition to give indication against the treatment
what is the term used to describe a sudden swelling at an injection site caused by the contrast leaking out the veins infilltration,extravasation
what is another namefor the process of the boiling off of electrons at the filament thermionic emission
what is another name for an electron cloud space charge
what is the normal spinning speed for an anode to rearch before an xray can be taken 3,000 RPM
what % of the electrons from the cathode are converted into heat upon striking the anode 99%
what is the name of the area of the anode that is struck by electrons target
x-ray photons are created at the anode through 2 different interactions Characteristic and Brems
which of the above 2 target interactions are most common brems
all interactions at the tube occur within millimeters of the surface at the target 0.5
what is the distance b/w any 2 successive points an a wave known as wavelength
what is the name for the number of waves that passes a particular point in a given time frame frequency
what is the maximum height of the wave known ass amplitude
are frequency and wavelength direct or inversely proportional? inversely proportional
what are the 3 prime factors kV,mAs,distance
what is the primary controlling factor for the quality of the beam kV
what is the primary controlling factor for the quantity of the x-ray beam mAs
what is the formula for the inverse square law I1/I2=(D2/d1)2
what is the name of the x-ray beam after it exits the tube before striking the patient primary beam
what is the name if the beam after hitting the patient before the IR secondary, or remnant
this is an interaction with matter in which a weak x-ray photon puts an atom in an excited state,and the atom stabilized itself by relasing a secondary x-ray photon coherent
this ia an interaction with matter in which an x-ray photon is absorbed while removing an inner shell electron from an atom.This creates a cascading effect as the atom fills the hole with an electron from the outer shell photoelectric absorption
this is an interaction with matter in which an x-ray photon striks and removes an outer shell electron.The photon is then knocked in a different direction compton
what are the 2 interactions with matter that create noticeable differences on your image compton and photoelectric
what are the 2 types of interactions with matter that occur above diagnostic range pair production and photodisintegration
what is the word used to describe the absorption of some x-rays as the photons pass through matter attenuation
which end of the x-ray tube has a negative charge cathode
what is the name for a tube that has 2 filaments dual focus
what is the purpose for the anode rotating to dissipate heat
of what 2 materials is the surface(target area)of the anode composed of tugsten,molybedenum
the range of SIDs at which a focused grid maybe used is called focus range
what part of the tube is actually located outside of the glass housing stator
spatial resolution in film/screen systems is measure in----- line pairs per millimeter
kV accuracy used to be measured with a------now a --------is used pentrometer,digital meter
what is the preferred tool for measuring focal spot size slit camera
what are the 3 priniciple parts of the x-ray system tube,controlled console,and high voltage generator
what part of the x-ray circuit works by self induction autotransformer
what is the most common form of exposure timer AEC
what is the most mutual induction and has more coils in its secondary side then its primary side step-up transformer
what changes the alternating current to direct current rectifiers
what % voltage ripple does a single phase power have 100%
what % voltage ripple does a high frequency generator have 1%
what are the principle disadvantages of an aperture diaphragm causes focal spot blur.(penumbra)& off focal radiation
what does PBL stand for positive beam limitation
what does PBL do collimates to size of the cassette
what type of x-ray is a form of dynamic imaging fluoroscopy
the ratio of the square of the diameter of the input phosphor to the square of the diameter of the output phosphor is called minification gain
the ratio of light photons at the output phosphor to the numbers of x-rays at the input phosphor is called flux gain
what is the formula for brightness gain BG-minification x flux
what is the input phosphor made of cesium iodide
what part of the image intensifier converts visible light to electrons photocathode
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