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RL - Chpt. 11

World Geography

productivity a measure of how much work can be done in a certain length of time
human resources a supply of people who can run machines
textiles woven cloth
cottage industry family members supply their own equipment to make goods
union a group who spoke for all workers in factory or industry who bargained for better working conditions
strike refuse to work until demands are met
imperialism system where European countries claimed colonies in Africa and Asia in the late 1800's
communism economic and political system based on the teachings of Karl Marx
Holocaust the murder of over 12 million Jews, carried out by Hitler during WWII
genocide mass murder of a group of people because of race, religion, ethinicity, politics or culture
Cold War global competition between the United Stated and it's allies and the Soviet Union and it's supporters
nuclear weapon weapons that use atomic reactions to release enormous power and can cause mass destruction
deterrence deter or discourage an attack
satellite nation Eastern European nations that bordered and were dependent on the Soviet Union
blockade close off all land and water traffic
airlift system of carrying supplies into West Berlin by airplane
euro Europe's common currency
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