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Metaproterenol Resorcinol Agents
Terbutaline Resorcinol Agents
Salbutamol SABA
Levosalbutamol SABA
Salmeterol LABA
Formoterol LABA
Indacaterol ULABA
Ipratropium SAMA
Tiotropium LAMA
Umeclidinium LAMA
Combivent Salbutamol SABA + Ipratropium SAMA
Anoro Ellipta Vilanterol LABA + Umeclidinium LAMA
Theophylline Methylxanthine
Aminophylline Methylxanthine
Hydrocorticosteroids Short - Glucocorticoids
Methylprednisolone Intermediate - Glucocorticoids
Prednisone Intermediate - Glucocorticoids
Dexamethasone Long - Glucocorticoids
Beclomethasone Long - ICS
Budesonide ICS
Fluticasone ICS
Mometasone ICS
Ciclesonide ICS
Advair Salmaterol LABA + Fluticasone ICS
Symbicort Formoterol LABA + Budesonide ICS
Zenhale Formoterol LABA + Mometasone
Breo Ellipta Vilanterol ULABA + Fluticasone ICS
Cromolyn Mast Cell Stabilizer
Ketotifen Mast Cell Stabilizer
Nedocromil Mast Cell Stabilizer
Zafirlukast Antagonist - Antileukotrienes
Montelukast Antagonist - Antileukotrienes
Zileuton Inhibitor - Antileukotrienes
Omalizumab Monoclonal Antibodies
Acetazolamide Carbonic Anhydrase - Diuretic
Mannitol Osmotic Diuretic
Furosemide Loop Diuretic
Chlorothiazide Thiazide Diuretic
Spironolactone Aldosterone Antagonist - K-Sparing Diuretic
Amiloride Direct-Acting K Sparing Diuretic
Methyldopa Centrally Adrenergic Agents - HTN
Clonidine Centrally Adrenergic Agents - HTN
Propanolol B Blocker - Peripheral - HTN
Metoprolol B Blocker - Peripheral - HTN
Nadolol B Blocker - Peripheral - HTN
Labetalol B Blocker - Peripheral - HTN
Prazosin A Blocker - Peripheral - HTN
Doxazosin A Blocker - Peripheral - HTN
Hydralazine Vasodilators - HTN
Nitroprusside Vasodilators - HTN
Diltiazem Ca Channel Blockers - HTN
Nicardipine Ca Channel Blockers - HTN
Losartan Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers - HTN
Captopril ACE Inhibitor - HTN
Enalapril ACE Inhibitor - HTN
Ramipril ACE Inhibitor - HTN
Quinidine Class 1A - Na Channel Blocker
Procainamide Class 1A - Na Channel Blocker
Lidocaine Class 1B - Na Channel Blocker
Tocainide Class 1B - Na Channel Blocker
Flecainide Class 1C - Na Channel Blocker
Propranolol Non-specific Class 2 - B Blocker
Nadolol Non-specific Class 2 - B Blocker
Metroprolol Specific Class 2 - B Blocker
Atenolol Specific Class 2 - B Blocker
Esmolol Specific Class 2 - B Blocker
Amiodarone Class 3 - K Blocker
Satolol Class 3 - K Blocker
Verapamil Class 4 - Ca Blocker
Dialtizam Class 4 - Ca Blocker
Adenosine Class 5 - Others
Digoxin Class 5 - Others
Norepi/Epi Hypotension
Dopamine Hypotension
Phenylephrine Hypotension
Vasopressin Hypotension
Heparin Anticoagulant
Protamine Reversal for Heparin
Enoxaprin Anticoagulant
Fondaparinux Anticoagulant
Rivaroxaban Anticoagulant
Direct Thrombin Inhibitor Anticoagulant
Warfarin Anticoagulant
Acetylsalicylic Acid Antiplatelet
Clopidogrel Antiplatelet
Streptokinase Thrombolytic
Urokinase Thrombolytic
Alteplase Thrombolytic
Tenecteplase Thrombolytic
Ephedrine Sympathomimetic Decongestant
Phenylephrine Sympathomimetic Decongestant
Loratidine Histamine Receptor Antagonist
Cetirizine Histamine Receptor Antagonist
Guaifenesin Expectorant
N-Acetylcysteine Mucolytic Agent
Dornase Alpha Mucolytic Agent
Pentamidine Antifungal - PCP
Ribavirin Antiviral - RSV
Palivizumab Antiviral - RSV
Zanamivir Antiviral - RSV
Tobramycin Antibacterial - P.A
Colistin Antibacterial - P.A
Aztreonam Antibacterial - P.A
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