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HAZMAT Measuring

Are available to monitor alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron Radiation Detectors
Used to determine the presence of flammable vapors of hydrocarbon products Combustible Gas Indicators
Tests for anthrax, ricin, botulinum toxin, plague, tularemia, brucellosis and orthodox. Biological Immunoassay Indicators
Detects specific gases and vapors. Used to determine if a specific chemical is present but will not provide specific quantitative results Colorimetric Detector Tubes
Measures the acidity or alkalinity of a corrosive material Ph meters
Chemical reaction changes the color of the detection paper Ph paper/stripes
A substance or solution combined with a material causing a chemical reaction. For specific chemical and bio material Reagents
Tests for chemical agents. Instantly detects common chemical agents in the atmosphere or surface liquid Test strips
Measures the concentration of a combustible gas or vapor in the atmosphere Combustible gas indicator
Identifies specific DNA sequences which enable it able to detect and identify different bio agents DNA Fluoroscopy
Oxygen deficient and enriched atmospheres. Measures % of oxygen Oxygen Meter
Measures the concentration of carbon monoxide Electrochemical cells (carbon monoxide meter)
Tests for organic compounds hydrocarbons such as butane or hexane Flame ionization detector
Used to analyze the molecular and ionic composition of a chemical compound. Gold standard Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer
Solids, liquids, and pastes. Can not definitively identify biological agents metal and non metals and simple ionic salts Infrared spectroscopy
Detecting and identifying very low concentrations of chemicals based upon the differential migration of gas phase ions through a homogeneous electric field Ion mobility spectroscopy
Performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of gamma radiation capable of identifying gamma emitting iotopes Gamma spectrometer
Translate changes in concentration of gaseous chemical species into electrical signals Metal oxide sensor
Organic and some inorganic gases and vapors. Photoionization Detectors
DNA or RNA sequences can be enzymatically amplified to the extent that a sufficient quantity of material is available to reach a threshold signal for detection Polymerase chain reaction
Used to monitor alpha beta neutron and gamma Radiation detection and measurement instrument
Identification of potentially hazardous explosives unknown chemicals narcotics or toxic industrial chemicals Raman spectroscopy
Able to detect the presence of blister and nerve agents at the same time Surface acoustical wave
Chemistry done in the liquid phase Wet chemistry
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