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Ortho Surgical

NPTE Musculoskeletal

Gold standard to Dx RTC tear arthrogram
Sx of RTC tear signif decr ABD AROM, no reduction in PROM, + drop arm, poor SHR
Flexor tendon repairs in hand initial immobilization 3-4wk in splint with wrist/digit FLEX
Progression of PT for hand flexor tendon repairs In splint – resisted extension, passive flexion. 4wk- AROM to tolerance. Wound mgmt, edema control, passive exercise first. Active extension initiated first, then flexion. Resisted and fxnl exercise when full AROM.
Extensor tendon repairs of hand immobilization Distal: 6-8wk with DIPs in neutral. Proximal: wrist/digits in extension 4wk.
Ext tendon repair PT progression 6wk- AROM with PIPs neutral, Active extension followed by flexion, Resistive ex once full AROM.
Cemented THR tolerates full WB immediately, better for fragile bones, those that need to benefit from immediate mobility, may crack with aging with loosening
Noncemented THR more stressful on bones during surgery, used with younger and active
Positioning in bed for THR wedge to prevent ADD
Position to avoid with THR FLEX >90d, ADD, IR.
ORIF for Femoral Fx initial mobility NWB for 1-2wk with crutches/FWW. Partial WBAT after that.
P.O. considerations for ACL reconstruction Hinged brace 20-70d initially, NWB for 1wk, off brace in 2-4wk
PCL repair bracing 0d at first
Partial meniscectomy P.O. considerations PWBAT once full knee EXT achieved, AROM encouraged PO Day 1, Strengthening by Day 3
Meniscal repairs PO considerations NWB for 3-6wk, rehab begins 7-10d PO
PO considerations for Harrington rod placement early mobilization in bed, effective coughing, amb 4-7d PO, no heavy lifting or twisting/bending
Created by: Jenwithonen
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