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syn- joined together
trachy- accelerated
trans- across, in the process of change
tri- denoting three
ultra- beyond, excess
un- not, reversal
angi- vessel, vein, artery
cardio- heart
cardium- heart
cor- heart
corna- heart vessels
cyte- cell
emia- blood
hem-, heme-, hemto- blood
lien- spleen
lymphed lymph node
lymphaden- lymph vessel
phlebo- denoting veins
splen- spleen
vas-, vaso- vessel
veni-, veno- veim
arch- anus
bucca- cheek
celi- abdomen
cheil- lip
cholangi- bile vessel
cholecyst- gallbladder
choledoch- bile duct
col- large intestines
copro- feces
dent- refers to the teeth
entro- small intestine
gastro- stomach
gingivo- gums
gloss- tongue
gnatho- jaw
hepto- liver
lapar- abdominal wall
odont- tooth
oro-, os- mouth, opening
proto- rectum
ptyaio- saliva
recto- denoting the rectum
sial- saliva
staphy- palate
stoma- , stomato- opening, mouth
ulo- gums
urano- palace
colp- vagina
cyts- bladder
episio- refering to the vagina
funicul- small cord
hystre- uterus
metro- ureterus
nephr- kidney
oophor- ovary
orchid- testicales
oscheo- scrotum
pubio-, pubo- pubic region
pyel- part of the kidney
ren- kidney
saiping- fallopian tubes
spermo- spermato- denoting sperm
trachel- cervix
ur- uro- urono- refers to urine and the urinary tract
vesico- refers to the urinary bladder
cut- skin
drema- deato- skin
folic- secretory sac
histo- tissue
mamo- breast
mast- breast
onych- nail
pil- pilo- hair
sacro- denoting the flesh
thel- nipple
trich-tricho- hair
arthr- joint
cheiro- chiro- refers to the hand
craino- skull
facio- refers to the face
leiomyo- smooth muscle
myelo- narrow
myo- skeletal muscle
os- bone
osteo- bone
pod- refers to the foot
rhabomyo- striated muscle
tendo- ten- tendons
cephal- the head
cere- brain
encephal- within the head
meningo- denotes the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord
ment- mind
myel- spinal cord
neuro- nerve
phren- mind
phych- mind
rach- spinal column
spondyl- vertabrae
tracy acclerated
tri denoting three
cardio heart
cyto cell
emia blood
lien spleen
veno vien
celi abdomen
col large intestine
entero small intestine
hepto liver
copl vagina
cyst bladder
hyster uterus
nephr kidney
orchid testicles
demato skin
mamm breast
onych nail
histo tissue
arthr joint
craino skull
osteo bone
cephal the head
neuro nerve
psych mind
tendo tendons
broncho windpipe
naso refers to the nose
pneumo lungs
rhim nose
audit hearing
irid iris
opthiam eye
ot ear
broncho- windpipe
laryng- voicebox
naso- refers to the nose
osmia- smell
pneumo- lungs
pulmo- lungs
rhin- nose
thoraco- refers to te chest
trache-, tracheo- air tube to lungs
trachelo- denotes the neck
audit- hearing
auri- ear
bleph-, blephar- eyesight
dacryaden- tear gland
decryo- tears
dacryocyst- tear sac
derat- cornea
irid- iris
myring eardrum
oculo- denoting the eye
ophthalm- eye
opia- vision
optico-, opto- relating to the eye or vision
ot- ear
palpebr- eyelid
phaco- eye lens
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