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pt care lang

patient care lang

which of the following blood pressure measurements might indicate shock systolic pressure lower than 60mm hg
sterile technique is required when contrast agents are administered intrathecally
for medicolegal reasons radiographic images are required to include all the following information,except the patient birthdate
a radiographer who discloses confidential information to unauthorized individuals could be found guilty of invasion of privacy
a diabetic patient who has prepared for a fasting radiiographic exam is susceptible to a hypoglycemic reaction.this is characterized by shaking & nervousness,cold,clammy skin
which of the following instruction should be given to the patient following a barium sulfate contrast exam. increased fluid & fiber intake for sereral days,changes in stool color will occur until all barium has been evacuated,contact a physician if no bowel movement occurs in 24hrs.
logrolling is a method of moving patients with suspected spinal injury
a patient is usually required to drink a barium sulfate suspension in order to demostrate which of the following structure pylorus
the normal average rate of respiraton for a healthy adult patient is 12 to 20 breaths/min.
examples of COPD include bronchitis,pulmonary emphysema,asthma
administration of contrast agents for radiographic purposes is usually performed by which of the following parenteral routes intravenous
a patient developed hives serveral minutes after injuection of an iodinated contrst agent.what type of drug should be readily available antihistamine
which of the following sites are commonly used for an intravenous injection antecubital vein,basilic vein
the mechanical device used to correct an ineffectual cardiac rhythm is a defibrillator
you have encoutered a person who is apparentily unconscious.although you open his airway,there is no rise & fall of the chest,& you can hear no breath sounds.you should. begin mouth to mouth rscue breathing,giving two full breaths.
in classifying intravenous(IV) contrast agents,the total number of dissovled particles in solution per kilogram of water difines. osmolality
which of the following procedures requires that the patient be placed in the lithotomy position hysterosalpingography
a nosocomial infection is a infection acquired in a hospital
the legal doctrine res ipsa locquitur means which of the following the thing speak for itself
the usual patient preparation for a upper gastrointestinal(GI) exam is NPO 8 hrs before the exam
conditions in which there is a lack of normal bone calcification include rickets,osteomalacia
abnormal accumulation of air in pulmonary tissues,resulting in over distention of the alveolar spaces,is emphysema
anaphylactic shock manifests early symptoms that include dysphagia,itching of palms & soles,constriction of the throat
anaphylaxis is the term used to describe allergic shock
of the four stages of infection,which of the stage during which the infection is most communicable disease phase
when performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CRP)on an infant,it is required that the number of compressions per minute,compared to that for an adult increase
all of the following statements regarding hand washing & skin care are correct except cracks or abrasions should be left uncovered to facilitate healing
a patient whose systolic blood pressure is less than 90mm Hg is usually considered hypotensive
when a patient arrives in the radiology department with a urinary Foley catheter bag,it is important to place the drainaage bag below the level of the bladder
intruments required to assess vital signs include a thermoneter,a watch with a second hand
lyme disease is caused by bacteria carried by deer ticks.The tick bite may cause fever,fatigue,& other associated symptoms.This is an example of transmission of an infection by vector
possible side effects of a iodinated contrast medium that is administered intravenously include all of the following execept hypotension
blood pressure may be expressed as 120/95.what does 95 represent the phase of relaxation of the cardiac muscle tissue.A higher than average diastolic pressure
all drug packages must provide certain information required by U.S. Food & Drug Administration.Some of the information that must be provided includes the generic name,contraindications,the usual dose
forms of intentional misconduct include alander,invasion of privacy
when a patient with an arm injury needs help in undressing,the radiographer should removed clothing from the uninjured arm first
which of the following conditions describes a patient who is unable to breathe easily while in the recumbent position orthopnea
you & fellow radiographer have received an unconscious patient from a motor vehicle accident.As you perform the exam,it is important that you refer to the patient by name,make only those statements that you would make with a conscious patient.reassure the patient about what you are doing.
a diruretic is used to promote elimination of urine
when radiographing the elderly,it is helpful to address them by their full name,give straight forward instructions
the complete killing of all microorganisms is termed sterilization
involuntary patient motion can be caused by posttraumatic shock,medication,low room temperature
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