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Sinemint/CR levodopa +carbidopa
Levaquin levofloxacin
Mirena levonorgestrel
Eltroxin levothyroxine
xylocaine lidocaine
Prinivil/Zestril lisinopril
Carbolith/Duralith lithium carbonate
Claritin loratadine
Fragmin dalteparin
Dexedrine dextroamphetamine
Ritalin methylphenidate
Mevacor lovastatin
Loxapac loxapine
Provera medroxprogesterone
Mobicox meloxicam
Glucophage metformin
Betaloc metoprolo
Flagyl metronidazole
Fragyl/Trikacide metronidazole cap
MetroCream/Noritate metronidazole cr
Remeron mirtazapine
Cytotec misoprostol
Manerix moclobemide
Phenobarbital phenobarbital
Seconal Sodium secobarbital
Androderm/Andrgel testosterone
Delatstryl testosterone enanthate
Depo-testosterone testosterone cypionate
Andriol testosterone undecanoate
Xanax alprazolam
Lectopam bromazepamostat
Avelox moxifloxacin
Bactroban mupirocin
Naxen naproxen
Amerge naratriptan
Tilade / Alocril nedocromil
Adalat nitroglycerin XL
Nitrostat nitroglycerin S/L tablet
Nitrolingual Pump Spray nitroglycerin spray
Nitrolingual Gen-nitro SL nitroglycerin metered dose spray
Nitro-Dur nitroglycerin patch
Axid nizatidine
Noroxin norofloxacin
Mycostatin nystatin
Floxin ofloxin
Zyprexa olanzapine
Losec omprazole
Frisium clobazam
Tygacil tigeclcline
Valium / Vivol diazapam
Ativan lorezapam
Rivotril clonazepam
Zofran ondansetron
Vfend voriconazole
Pantoloc pantoprazole
Pondocillin pivampicillin
Winpred / Deltasone predisone
Pred Forte prednisolone oph 0.12%
Ratio - Prednisolone prednisolone oph 1%
Diopred prednisolne O/L
Mysoline primdone
Stemetil prochlorperazine
Prometrium progesterone
Inderal propanolol
Metamucil psyllium mucilloid
Prodiem Plan pyllium
Paxil paroxetine
Pen-Vee penicillin V
Permax pergolide
Coversyl perindopril
Dilantin phenytoin
Actos pioliazone
Sanorex mazindol
Morgadon nitrazepam
Apo-Oxazepam oxazepam
Restoril temazepam
Created by: HollyMack