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adv img digital

advanced imaging digital 1 of 3

CCD charged couple device, converts light into an electronic signal.
What are the advantages of digital fluoroscopy? post processing enhancement, speed of images
Where is the CCD located? mounted to the output phosphor of the II
Can a CCD be connected to other devices? no
What are the two most common TV tubes? plumicon and vidicon
How is spatial resolution measured? line pair/mm
SNR signal to noise ratio
DQE conversion of x-rays to light
Conventional TV camera tubes have an SNR of: 200:1
DF has an SNR of: 1000:1
How does DF work? an electronic signal is converted to digital and sent to the computer where the output signal is sent through the ADC to the main memory, then through the DAC to the monitor.
How is pixel brightness determined? pixel brightness is inversely proportional to the radiation incident on it.
Hounsfeld unit in CT, the numerical value of each pixel
Does better spatial resolution have more or less pixels? more
What is the difference between a pixel and a voxel? a voxel is 3D ( it has slice thickness)
Bit depth/dynamic range the number of shades of gray each pixel can display (numerical range of densities)
How many bits are in a byte? 8
In digital, what does mAs control? the EI number or exposure number (NOT density)
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