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Cell vocabulary

about cells all cells everything cells yay cells

cell cells are the basic structures for all organisms.They form tissues that group together to form organs such as lungs and heart.
organelle an organelle is a part of a cell that is small with a specific job.the nucleas itself is a organelle.
prokaryotic a unicellular organism that lacks a membrane.
eukaryotic the type of living cells that form the organisms of all of the life kingdoms exept monera
multicellular having or consisting of many cells
unicellular consisting of a single cell
biotic pertaining to life
abiotic of or charaterized by the absence of life or living organisms
cell membrane the semipermeable(allows certains substances to pass through)membrane enclosing cytoplasm of a cell
cell walls the definate wall that is part of the outer structure of plant cells.
chroloplast a plastid that contains chrolophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place(in plant cells)
mitochrondria power house of the cell
cytoplasm the material within a living cell, including the nucleus
lysosome have digestive enzymes that break down old moecules into parts that can be recyled
nucleus the "boss" of a cell it the central and most important part of a cell.
The Cell Theory cell theory is the historic scientific theory now universally accepted,that living organisms are made of cells
tissue any of the distinct types of material of which animals or plants are made, conisting of specialized cells and their products.
organ a part of an organism made by tissues made by cells,such as the heart and liver of humans.
organ system a group of organs that work together to perform one or more functions.
organism a animal, plant, or single celled life form
homeostasis a tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependant elements.
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