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Cells Unit

Key Vocabulary for the Cells Unit

cells the units that all living things are made of
cell membrane a thin, flexible covering that gives the cell shape and allows food, water, and gases to enter the cell and waste to exit
cell wall a stiff structure outside the cell membrane that gives plant cells structure and extra strength
cytoplasm a gel-like material that surrounds the internal parts of a cell
organelles a structure that has a specific task within the cell
nucleus the control center of the cell that tells the cell and organelles what to do
chloroplasts an organelle found in plant cells that makes food from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide
microscope an instrument or tool used to look at very small objects
magnification the action of making something appear larger or magnified
structure the way something is put together or organized
function the basic task that something is assigned to do
mitochondria an organelle that provides energy to the cell also known as the cell's power plant
vacuoles an organelle that stores water, food, and waste until the nucleus tells it to release whatever it is storing
photosynthesis the process in which plant cells change sunlight into energy
chlorophyll the chemical inside the chloroplasts that is used to change energy from sunlight into food
single cell an organism made of one cell
multi-cellular an organism made of more than one cell
*diffusion process that spreads substances through a gas or liquid
*transportation the action of moving something from one place to another
*osmosis a type of diffusion that allows water to pass a barrier, but bars other substances
*Golgi bodies an organelle that helps transport the cell
*permeable allowing liquids or gases to pass through
*specialized cells cells that have a specific job or tasks
*prokaryotic a single-celled organism that does not have a nucleus
*eukaryotic an organism that cells contain a nucleus and other organelles
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