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PCO Final

Patient Care in Radiography

What are the effects of exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation? Increased risk of cancer, leukemia, birth defects, and cataracts
What is the lowest patient dose? High kVp, low mAs
What is RAD? Radiation unit used to measure patient dose
What is Rem? Radiation unit used to measure dose equivalents for occupational exposure
What is R? Radiation unit determined to measure ionization of air
What does WF mean? Factor quantifies relative health risks of various types of radiation
What is SV? Radiation unit used to measure dose equivalent for occupational exposure
What is Gy? Radiation unit used to measure patient dose
Non-stochastic radiation effects? Predictable; short term
Short term reddening of the skin? Erythema
1 rad equals how many Grays? 1 cGy
Stochastic radiation effects? Random; long term
3 components that must be present for a fire to burn? Fuel, oxygen, and heat
Most common cause of fires in Rad department? Electrical fires
What does PASS mean? Pull; Aim; Squeeze; Sweep
What does RACE mean? Rescue; Alarm; Contain; Extinguish/Evacuate
What is the base of support? Portion of the body in contact with the floor or other horizontal surface
When lifting..? Bend your knees and keep your back straight
When a spill occurs? Limit access to the area
Which microorganisms occur as yeasts or molds and can infect the skin, nail beds, and scalp? Fungi
Cycle of infection basics? Pathogen; Mode of transmission; Susceptible host
The portal of entry describes the..? Method by which the pathogen enters the body
The transport of microorganisms by means of contaminated food, water, drugs, or blood is referred to as? Vehicle
Subcellular organisms that are among the smallest known disease-causing microorganisms are called? Viruses
Which microorganisms are classified according to their shape and a staining process? Bacteria
Passive immunity is immunity that occurs as result of..? Injection of preformed antibodies
A spirochete is an example of a..? Bacterium
Single-celled animals that are classified according to whether or not they are motile are called? Protozoa
Properties of pathogens that distinguish them from normal flora are called? Virulence factors
Which type of microorganism is very difficult to treat medically? Viruses
Immunity that is passed from mother to child in the mothers milk is..? Passive Immunity
The practice of separating infectious patients from others and carefully controlling items that come in contact with them is called..? Isolation technique
Under the system of protective precautions, the radiographer who handles the x-ray unit..? Drops image receptor into a clean or sterile cover
A patient diagnosed with contagious respiratory infection is being transported to the radiology department. What must be done to prevent transmission of the patients infection? Patient must wear a mask
If a patient has a multi drug-resistant wound infection, which precaution would be used to reduce risk of transmission? Contact precaution
Reducing the probability of infectious organisms being transmitted to an individual is called? Medical asepsis
Sterilization method that uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide and is the fastest and safest is..? Gas Plasma
First step to putting on open gloves? Grasp fold
Surgical hand rub is alternative to..? Surgical hand scrub
When you are scheduled for lunch and you have not completed a procedure, the best thing to do is..? Postpone your meal until the procedure is complete
When a patient orders NPO for a patient, this means that..? Nothing is to be given by mouth
A conscious patient whose hands are moist and trembling is most likely suffering from..? Anxiety
Joan Gordan, 72, has dentures, glasses, and a hearing aid. You should..? Place them in a container in the x-ray room and inform her of their location
Fear and anxiety cause many patients to suffer from dry mouth. When a patient complains, you should..? Check the chart before offering anything
When a patient needs to void during an examination in the imaging department..? Chart should be checked to see if qualitative specimens are needed
A body position in which the patient is lying on his/her back with the head and upper body elevated is called? Fowlers position
Patients who suffer from orthopnea need to have..? Their head elevated in order to breath
Recumbent refers to a position in which the patient is..? Lying down
To avoid the possibility of decubitus ulcer formation in the elderly, the radiographer should..? Ensure that the patients skin stays clean and dry; avoid bumps that may cause contusion/abrasions to skin; proved padding under bony prominences
110/78 Hg is a typical measurement for which vital sign? Blood pressure
Normal heart rate? 60 to 100 bpm
If the pulse is slow or irregular, you may want to take what kind of pulse? Apical
Tachycardia is..? Rapid heart rate
A weak or thready pulse may indicate that the heart..? Is not pumping enough blood
Normal adult respiratory rate? 12 to 20 breaths per minute
Indication of impaired kidney function? Creatine
Monitors pulse rate and blood oxygen levels by placing on finger, toe, or earlobe..? Pulse oximeter
What does PVC mean? Premature ventricular contractions
When are body temperatures the lowest? In the morning
First step in a wheelchair to bed transfer is..? Position wheelchair parallel top patients bed with wheels locked and footrests out of the way
What is a gait belt? Assisting patients who are weak or unsteady
A slider board or slider mat can be used to? Facilitate a stretcher transfer
When an overweight patient arrives in a wheelchair and cannot stand to get onto the x-ray table, which method is most appropriate? Hydraulic lift
Patients who have not stood or walked since an accident, surgery, stroke, or heart attack should be transported by..? Stretcher
Infants and toddlers are transported by..? Cribs
A feeling of faintness or light-headedness that occurs with changes in body positions after a long period of rest is termed..? Orthostatic Hypotension
A drug usually takes effect most rapidly when administered..? Intravenously
Administering nitroglycerine under the patients tongue is and example of? Sublingual administation
The proper height of an IV bottle or bag is? 18 to 20 inches above the vein
When an IV is running at the rate of 15 to 20 gtt/min, the patient will receive approximately..? 60 ml/hr
Failure to apply pressure to the vein after discontinuing an IV can result in..? Hematoma
Which of the following sites is preferred when giving IM injections to children? Vastus lateralis musdcle
A medication often prescribed for self-administration by patients who suffer from angina pectoris is..? Nitroglycerine
If an IV infusion runs too fast, it may cause..? Pulmonary edema
An infusion is a slow delivery of medication by means of gravity flow into..? Vein
A serious, unexpected event that demands immediate attention is..? Emergency
Patients who are having difficulty breathing and who do not have emphysema may safely receive supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula at a flow rate of..? 1 to 6 L/min
Which type of oxygen administration device supplies patient with 100% oxygen? Non-rebreather
A procedure that is ordered as STAT who be performed..? Immediately
Trauma patients should only be removed from the backboard if/when? Their spines have been cleared by physician
Lack of effective circulation to central nervous system can cause brain damage in..? 3 to 5 min
Vital sign that indicates shock is..? Blood pressure
Shock resulting from excessive loss of blood or plasma is..? Hypovolemic Shock
Not a sign of shock..? Hypertension
Foreign body obstruction suspected in children when there is a sudden onset of..? Coughing or strider
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