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Anaerobes Terminolog

Define Microaeorphilic, and one organisms we studied that is microaerophilic Organism that will not grow in an aerobic incubator on solid media and only minimally under anaerobic conditions. Grows on minimal oxygen (5% O2). Bacteroides gracilis.
Define Eh and what units of measurement is it in Measure of the tendency of a system to give up electrons, expressed as millivolts
Define Laked Blood, and what antibiotics are usually added to laked blood? "hemolyzed blood" - usually made by alternate freezing and thawing. Usually Kanomycin and Vancomycin are added to make it selective for anaerobic GNR.
What is a pseudomembrane, and what disease is pseudomembranous colitis associated with? Necrosis of mucosal surface simulating a membrane. Associated with Clostridium difficile infections.
What are sulfur granules, and what kind of Actinomyces infection is it associated with? small colonies of organisms with surrounding club-like material; typically yellow-brown; resembling grain of sulfur but do not actually contain sulfur. Abdominal actinomycosis
Define and Aerotolerant ability of an anaerobic microorganisms to grow in air; usually poorly, especially after initial anaerobic isolation
What is the difference between an obligate anaerobe, and a facultative anaerobe? An obligate anaerobe cannot grow in the presence of oxygen. A facultative anaerobe can grow in the presence of oxygen.
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