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Week 4 Study Guide

Week 4 Chapter 11 Study Guide

These elements would be part of the social history Employment, education, & use of drugs
Bruising would be an element of review of this organ system Hematologic
The level of E/M service is based on Documentation, contributing factors, & key components
The HPI must be documented in the medical record by The Physician
The examination is the______________portion of the E/M service Objective
Medical decision making (MDM) is based on the__________________ the physician must consider about the management of a patients condition. Number of diagnoses, amount of data, & risk morbidity
The Hospital Inpatient Services subsection is used for patients admitted to An Acute care facility
The request for advice or opinion from one physician to another physician is this type of service Consultation
Critical care codes are reported based on Time
Codes from the E/M subsection Nursing Facilities Service are used to report services provided in nursing facilities that used to be known as Skilled nursing facility, long-term care facility, & intermediate care facility
When a physician performs a preventive care service, the extent of the exam is determined by the Age
According to information in 99468, what is the age of neonate? 28 days or younger
According to E/M guidelines a(n) ______________ exam encompasses a complete single-specialty exam or a complete multisystem exam. Comprehensive
Mr. Smith presents to the Emergency Department at the local hospital for chest pain and is seen by the ED physician on duty. The physician obtains an extended HPI, an extended ROS, and a pertinent PFSH. What is the level of history? Detailed
The physician performs an extended exam of the affected body areas and related organ systems. What is the level of examination? Detailed
The physician must consider multiple diagnoses and management options. There is a moderate amount of ata to be reviewed and the risk of complications or death is moderate. What is the level of MDM? Moderate
What CPT code is assigned to an ED service that has detailed history and exam with a moderate level of MDM> 999284
An established patient is one who has received professional service from the physician or another physician of the exact same specialty and sub-specialty in the same group within the past_________ years. 3
The definition of low birth weight can be found in the notes for subheading__________________________ Initial & continuing intensive care services
Identify as body (BA) or organ system (OS):Neck BA
Identify as body (BA) or organ system (OS):Skin OS
Identify as body (BA) or organ system (OS):Eyes OS
Identify as body (BA) or organ system (OS):Back BA
Identify as body (BA) or organ system (OS):respiratory OS
The term used to describe a patient who has NOT been formally admitted to a health care facility is Outpatient
Created by: studee86