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Retaining Students

The art of retaining students #rd edition of Milady Master Educator book

Sound Retention Plan Retention begins and ends with the first time a student enters the building, Whole package (licensure, graduation, placement), Responsibility of the entire staff, and Ethical responsibility to lead, guide, assist students
Mission Statement What a school is, What it does, What it hopes to accomplish, or what it is trying to change, who it services, where it provides service, and is in align with school culture.
Vision Statement Outlines where the school wants to be and concentrates on the future, is clear, descriptive, memorable, realistic, and achievable.
EEG Core Purpose To create opportunities for people to improve their lives.
EEG mission statement At EEG, if you are not enrolling or educating students your only job is to support those who do.
EEG Core values Integrity, Accountability, Customer dedication, Co-worker/Team focus, Continuous improvement, and Passionate commitment.
EEG vision statement To be the global leader in Cosmetology education, focused on the success and satisfaction of students and co-workers throughout their careers.
Schools Must continually access their performance of both mission and vision statements to ensure they are being met.
Total Quality School Schools entire system, giving priority to detection of concerns & correcting those concerns, establishing goals, monitoring results, and implementing change as needed.
Educator The primary cause of a lost /dropped student.
Fraternization causes in a classroom Rudeness, Disruptions, poor attendance, and dropped or lost students
Ownership in the school Monthly meetings, suggestion boxes, and student services encourage the student to ...
Positive/Negative/Positive The Sandwich Method/technique.
Strategies for Customer Service Listening, Positive Attitude, Communication, Anticipate Needs, Follow up, and Show Appreciation
Actions of a good Educator Promote teamwork, Optimize student productivity, create atmosphere of excitement, love of learning
Strategies of Praise DO it now, Be Specific, Connect it to your feelings
Desire, Commitment, Dedicated Team What makes retention an attainable goal?
Customer Service A set of behaviors that a business or school undertakes during its interactions with its clients.
Superior Customer Service Respond with immediacy, Provide pertinent information, provide timely/relevant feedback, and be available to your learner.
Educational Excellence What is not an easy task?
Thank you and Congratulations What you should say when a chronically late student is on time for class.
Determine the learning style and teach to it What you need to do when learners are confused during a lesson , missing days, and talking about dropping form school.
School Culture How students are trained, developed, and nurtured into professionals.
Reasons students drop Didn't feel bonded to the class, Felt incapable of success, Lack of outside support, and Didn't see the value of the education.
Educations two components Content and delivery
Content Written information to teach.
Delivery How you present the content of a curriculum.
8 to 1 How many praises do you need for each negative comment.
Investments into Educators Continuing Educations (states requirements), benefits/compensations, and school improvements
Created by: Frogs4hair
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