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Sociology Test 1

Sociology scientific study of human behavior in society
Sociological perspective looks at groups within society
global perspective study of larger world and our society in it
Ethnocentrism Inability to understand others beliefs that are different from our own
August Comte Coined sociology- Positivism- Scientific inquiry
Harriet Martineau Translated Comte's work- first women sociologist- rights activist
Emile Durkheim People are product of society- social facts- anomie- mechanical and organic solidarity father of sociology
Karl Marx continuing clash between inflicting ideas- economic systems- class conflict
Max Weber Protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism- research is value free(verstehen)- Rationalization
Jane Addams Founded Hull House- Nobel Prize
W.E.B. Du Bois African American- Double consciousness
C Wright Mills Went to Baylor- Sociological Integration- see relationship between individual and large society
Functionalist perspective Macro level view- orderly stable society
Functionalists Durkheim, Spencer, Comte
Manifest open obvious consequences of society
Latent unintended consequences
Conflict Perspective Macro level view. constant power struggle
Conflict believers Marx, Weber, WEB, Write
Symbolic interaction Micro level view. views society as product of everyday interactions of individuals George Herbert Mead
Deduction begins with theory
Inductive start with data analysis get to theory
validity measuring exactly what you intend to
Spurious association of two variables that is actually caused by a third
mechanical solidarity small town rural, classic
organic solidarity big city industrial
Created by: Jakew2098