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Chinese words

Jie1 - to answer the phone, to receive a call
夜市 Ye4shi4 - nightmarket
Xie2 - shoes
鞋店 Xie2dian4 - shoe shop
Shuang1, a pair of
合适 He2shi4 - suitable, fitting
Jiao3 - feet
Hao4 - size (of clothing, shoes)
Suo3 - a lock, to lock
办法 Ban4fa3 - a way to handle a problem, a solution (to a problem)
Dian3 - to order (dishes)
恐怕 Kong3pa4 - fear that, be afraid that
Cai2 - only
Wen2 - to smell
豆腐 Dou4fu - toufu, bean curd
奇怪 Qi2guai4 - strange
鼻塞 Bi2sai1 - to have a stuffed-up nose
不过 Bu2guo4 - but, however
Xiang2 - fragrant
打包 Da3bao1, at pack to bundle up (something)
Ye4, page
白板 Bai2ban3 - whiteboard
厨房 Chu2fang2 - kitchen
普通 Pu3tong1 - common, ordinary
复杂 Fu4za2 - complex, complicated
简单 Jian3dan1 - simple, concise
礼物 Li3wu4 - a gift, a present
裤子 Ku4zi - trousers
裙子 Qun2zi, skirt
衬衫 Chen4shan1, shirt
外套 Wai4tao4, coat
毛衣 Mao2yi1 - sweater
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