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Italian Basic Convo

Memrises Sections 1 and 2

Ciao (Chow) Hi; Bye
Andiamo! (Andy amo) Let's go!
Per Favore (Per f avor eh) Please (when requesting)
Buon giorno (boo on jwar no) good morning
Buona notte (boo ona note eh) good night
sì (si) yes
no (no) no (answer to a question)
Salute! (sal oo ta) Cheers!; Bless you!
Grazie (grat zee eh) Thank You
Prego (Pray go) you are welcome; please (when offering)
Mi Dispiace (me dis pee ah cheh) I'm sorry
Ci Vediamo dopo (che ved e amo do po) See you later
Arrivederci (ah reav eh dare chi) Goodbye
Come ( co meh) how; like; as
Come stai? (co meh sti) How are you? (singular informal)
molto (mole toe) very; much; really; a lot of
molto bene (mol to ben neh) Very Well
Sto molto bene (sto mol to ben neh) I'm very well
Mi Me; myself
ti you; yourself
si one (you); oneself; each other
chiamarsi (key a marcy) to call (oneself)
ti chiami (t key a mi) you are called (singular informal)
Mi chiamo... (mi key amo) My name is...
Il genio The genius
Sei un genio! You're a genius
Created by: Iseldris