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Pharmacy Law

Drug Regulation Time Line

Food & Drug Act 1906
Harrison Narcotics Tax Act 1914
Food Drug & insecticide Act 1927
Food Drug & Cosmetic Act 1938
Alberty Food Products 1950
Durham- Humphrey Amend Legend drugs 1951
Kefauver Harris Amendment Safe n effecNew Drugs 1962
Social Security Act Est. Medicare Prog 1965
Fair Packaging & labelling Act 1966
Poison Prevention Packaging Child proof Caps 1970
Controlled Substance Act Est DEA 1970
Medical Device Amendment 1976
Orphan Drug Act 1983
Drug Price Compition & patent Hatch Waxman 1984
Prescription Drug Marketing 1987
OBRA Councelling to Medicaid Pt,Anabolic steroid control Act 1990
HIPPA 1996
Medicare Modernization Act 2003
Combact Methamphetamine Epidemic act 2005 PSE Controls
FDA Amendmengt 2007 REMS req. 4 manufactres
HITECH Act 2009 Health Info Tech
Pt protection and Affordable 2010 OBAMA CARE
FDA safety and Innovation act 2012
Drug quality and security 2013
Created by: Kezia