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Equipment Op.

T/F: If we increase the kinetic energy of the incident electron, it increases quality & quantity of beam, but reduces # of anode target interactions. False
Target interaction occurs within what distance from the target surface? 0.25mm to 0.50 mm
T/F: 99% of kinetic incident photon is converted to heat. False
Brems interaction accounts for what % of x-ray beam? 80 to 90%
What happens when incident electrons get closer to the atoms nucleus? Brems interaction occurs, because photon energy increases
T/F: The selected kVp will be the maximum kEv for any possible photon. True
What is filtration? The elimination of low energy undesirable x-ray photons by insertion of absorbing materials (aluminum) into primary beam
What is the result of hardening of the x-ray beam? Removes low energy photons, improves image quality by increasing beam energy
What is the standard filtering material? How is filtration expressed? Aluminum, half value layer
What contributes to inherent filtration? Glass envelope, dilectric oil bath, glass window of the tube housing
T/F: Tube aging increases inherent filtration. True
What is added filtration? Any filtration outside the tube & tube housing
What type of filter is used when you have uneven densities in body? Compensating filter
Total filtration is the sum of? Inherent & added filtration
Explain the effect of filtration on tube output and how you compensate for it. Increasing technique
What is attenuation? The reduction in # of x-ray photons as a result of interacting with matter.
Low energy photons interact with what part of the atom. Whole atom
Medium energy photons interact with what part of the atom. Orbital electrons
High energy photons interact with what part of the atom. Nucleus
What are the 5 basic interactions w/matter. Coherent, compton, photoelectric absorption, pair production & photodesintegration
Name the 2 interactions responsible for making x-ray photons. Brems, characteristic
T/F: As kVp increases, the # of photons transmitted without interaction increases. True
Which factor contributes to compton scatter. Low energy kVp & volume of irradiated material
T/F: An increase in kVp decreases patient dose & produces shorter scale of contrast. False
What are the 4 benefits of using a beam restriction device. Low patient exposure dose, decrease scatter, increases visibility of detail, shortens scale of contrast
Name 3 advantages of using a modern collimator. Localizing light, 2 sets of shutters to limit width & length, PBL (positive beam lighting) cannot open collimator larger than field receptor
Which agency makes sure Health Care Providers adhere to quality standards & safety. Joint Commission
T/F: Fluoroscopy is a dynamic radiographic exam with active diagnosis during examination? True
Which molecule in the body does MRI use? Hydrogen protons
What is precession & why is it important for MRI? The process of realigning hydrogen atoms & giving off energy. It is the basis of MRI
A 3.0 Tesla MRI magnet has approximately how many times the gravitational pull of the earth? 60,000
What are the 4 most common sites tested for bone densitometry? Lumbar spine, bi-lateral hip, wrist
In CT what does the hounsefield unit represent? Measurement of attenuation of x-ray beam
Which piece of technology propelled CT scanners into the next generation of helical scanning? Slip rings
The volume of irradiated material comprises which 2 components? Field size & patient thickness
Created by: Marby