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Mass Jurisprudence

study guide for Mass LARE

Definition of "isolated lands subject to flooding" It is an area which at least once a year confines standing water to a volume of at least one-quarter acre-feet and to an average depth of at least six inches.
Is Landscape Architecture in Massachusetts regulated by a "Title" or "Practice" act? Title
Which law is Massachusetts' primary means of protecting and promoting the public interest in tidelands, Great Ponds, non-tidal rivers and streams? MGL Chapter 91
If the local Conservation Commission denies a permit, who hears the first appeal? The regional DEP office
A maximum of how many square feet of a wetland can be disturbed if replaced? 5000 SF
A buffer zone of how many feet is subject to the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act? 100'
Which of the following are defined as coastal protected areas? Coastal banks, tidal banks, areas subject to tidal flows, scenic bluffs All except scenic bluffs
What 4 areas of geographical jurisdiction are protected by MGL Chapter 91? Flowed tidelands, filled tidelands, great ponds, non-tidal rivers and streams
What 5 activities are regulated by MGL Chapter 91? Structures, Filling, Dredging, Change in Use, Structural alteration, Demolition/Removal of Structure
What 4 types of permits are issued under MGL Chapter 91? Mass DEP Waterways License, Mass DEP Waterways Permit, License or Permit Amendment, Harbormaster Annual Permit
How far from the MHW is the riverfront area in non-urban towns? 200'
How large is the buffer zone from the riverfront area? There is no buffer zone.
Vegetation in the riverfront area should remain as undisturbed as possible for the first: 50', 100', 150' or none of the above? None of the above (entire area should be undisturbed if possible).
Contract bid documents for public work must include which of the following: estimated value if it is a line item bid, schedule of wages/reporting, statement from local conservation commission, or all of the above? Estimated values if line item bid
To design an ADA curb cut, refore to: local zoning bylaws re: curb cuts, local zoning bylaws, Mass ADA act, all of the above? Mass ADA Act
How much disturbance is allowed withing the Riverfront Area? 0% within first 50'; 50% in first 100'; 0% in first 100' and 50% from 100-200'; or 0% first 100' and 10% of total area in next 100' 0% first 100' and 10% of total area between 100-200'
Which of the following are not invasive species in Massachusetts: Norway maple, Barberry, Rosa rugosa, Maple-leaf viburnum? Maple-leaf viburnum
Blue flag (Iris), vervain (Verbena), thoroughwort (Eupatorium), dock (Rumex), false loosestrife (Lythrum), marsh fern (Dryopteris thelypteris), rushes (Juncaceae), sedges (Cyperaceae), sensitive fern (Onoclea sensibilis), smartweed (Polygonum) Wet Meadow
Alders (Alnus), ashes (Fraxinus), azaleas (Rhododendron canadense and R. viscosum), black alder (Ilex verticillata), black spruce (Picea mariana), button bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis), American or white elm (Ulmus americana), white Hellebore (Veratrum Swamp
An ADA curb cut normally has: a. 1:12 ramp and 1:12 flares; b. 2% max cross slope at top landing; c. a & b; d. a only b. 2% max cross slope at top landing (flares normally 1:10)
Which of the following must be true of ramp landings: a. occur at top and bottom of ramp; b. no more than 20' run between; c. no more than 30' run between; d. A & C only D. A (top/bottom) and C (30' run) only
What is the minimum unobstructed clear path of travel for a walkway? 36" excluding cobblestones (48" excluding cobbles is minimum width overall)
How many ADA-accessible parking spots must be provided in a lot with 501-1000 spots? At least 2% of the total number of spaces.
Accessible parking spots must be located ___? nearest to the accessible building entrance; nearest to the accessible exit from the parking garage if it doesn't serve a particular building; distributed if there are multiple accessible entries
ADA curb cuts must be located: a. at the project boundary and across the street; b. anywhere an accessible route crosses a curb; c. within the crosswalk; d. all of the above b. anywhere an accessible route crosses a curb
Created by: sailingceleste
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