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Mechanics one

Basic Mechanics chapter one

Force is defined as any action that tends to _________ or _________________. Produce : modify motion
A force that pulls objects toward the center of the earth is called a ______________ force. Gravitational force
When a force is applied to an object, the object presents an _______________ _____________ in return. Opposing force
The two basic types of energy are Potential and kenetic
Potential energy can be classified an energy that ________ ___________ to perform work, while kinetic energy actually ___________ ________. Has capacity; perform work
Horse power is the standard unit of _____________ that is used to denote the rate at which a machine works. Thus, if a machine is capable of raising a weight of 550 pounds to a height of one foot in one second, that machine is said to have a rating of ___ Measurement; One
The rate at which energy is expended is called Power
If you divide the product of force times distance by the time involved, you will obtain the __________ used in moving an object. Power.
Friction may be defined as resistance to ___________ between two objects when placed in contact with each other. Contact
lubricant is one of the means by which _________ is ___________. Friction; reduced
Friction can be ___________, but not _____________. reduced; eliminated
A point on any object where the forces that act on that object are concentrated is called the ________ ________ ____________. Center of gravity
The center of gravity for objects with a simple configuration can easity be lacated by finding the _________ __________. Balance point
A person normally locates the center of gravity of an irregularly shaped object by ___________ the balance point, and then verifies this point by the ______ and _______ method. Estimating; Trail and error
When lifting an object with a hoist, you should normally connect the hoist hook directly _________ the __________ center of gravity Over: estimated
Should the weight of an object shift while attempting to lift it, you should return the object to the floor and mover the lifting point________ the heavy end. Towards
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