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Assignment 1 Option

Taking Notes

After collecting information you will organize this information. True or False True
Students pursuing a four-year degree will spend nearly 400 hours in a formal classroom. True or False True
Less than a hundred years ago, Hermann Ebbinghaus conducted the first studies of memory. True or False False
Takes notes with an outline. True or False True
Use three-column notes for mathematics. True or False True
Three-column notes are written in order by problem, solution, explanation. True or False True
What does the "C" in CORE stands for? a. Caring b. Concentrate c. Contact d. Collect d. Collect
What does the "O" in CORE stands for? a. Open b. Opportunity c. Organize d. Orchestrate c. Organize
What does the "R" in CORE stands for? a. Rewrite b. Rehearse c. Record d. Read b. Rehearse
What does the "E" in CORE stands for? a. Evaluate b. End c. Exaggerate d. Extend a. Evaluate
What should a student listen for during instruction? a. verbal cues b. music notes c. instructions d. topics a. verbal cues
Being organized consists of all of the following accept one. a. course name b. date of class c. coffee d. page number c. coffee
_________________ discovered that we lose about 75% of what we learned within 24 hours. Hermann Ebbinghaus
That's why effective ____________________ is an essential skill for achieving academic success in college. note-taking
As with reading the goal of note-taking is _____________ key concepts, main ideas, and supporting details. collecting
Create a ____________ affirmation about taking notes. positive
Assemble appropriate ___________. supplies
Complete ____________ _______________ before class. Next, _____________ a list of questions. homework assignments ; Prepare
What kind of information are you collecting while note-taking? You will be collecting key concepts, main ideas, and supporting details.
Why should you compare notes with your classmates? Comparing notes with classmates helps to ensure you did not miss any information.
Created by: Amy_gdwn13