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Test Taking

Test taking strategies and preparation for a test.

Eating a healthy breakfast and getting a good night's sleep before a test is not a good idea False
Every test provides feedback True
Your goal for each test is to score the minimum number of points possible (False) False
You should read the directions carefully so that you understand the rules of the test True
You should analyze your errors on a test to determine how to score less points on the next test False
If you get stuck on a question you should move on True
When preparing yourself for a test you should? a) Good night's sleep b) Forget to set your alarm clock c) Healthy breakfast d) Both A and C e) None of the above Both A and C
Which of these items are not part of the CORE Learning System? a) Collected b) Evaluated c) Researched d) Organized Researched
When your instructor begins handing out the test, what should you do? A) Panic B) Breathe deeply C) Start thinking about what you are going to do after the test D) Both B and E E) Relax Both B and E
What does summarize mean when taking a test? A) Highlighting main points B) Give an example C) State the meaning of something D) Identify the parts of something and explain how those parts contribute to the whole Highlighting main points
When answering a short answer question you should not do what? A) State a main point B) Get off topic C) Give examples and supporting details D) Answer using a minimum of 3-5 sentences Get off topic
What should you do when solving a math problem? A) Go on to the next question B) Revisit each problem and double check all calculations C) Write notes and formulas on the test D) Both B and C Both B and C
The first rule of a test–smart plan is to answer _________ questions first. Easy
Understanding every question, answering each one quickly and correctly, and finishing on time are all examples of __________. Visualizing Success
When a true/false question uses generally, some, usually, and often it we always be _______. True
When reviewing your answers for a math problem look for_______ _______ in each line of your solution. Possible errors
When answering a essay prompt you should ______ directions carefully. Read
After you have completed your short answer question you should _______ your paragraph. Proofread
Describe methods used to answer fill in the blank questions. When answering questions you should always make sure your answer fits grammatically into the sentence. The length of the blank will indicate whether the correct answer is one or more words. If there are two or more blanks you will need a different word f
What are three ways you can improve your test scores. One way to improve your test scores is to review errors made on previous test. Identify what areas you need to study and make a plan to earn more points on the next test. Another way to improve test scores it to review your instructors comments. If you do
Created by: swagner98