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Stack #2546344

Taking Tests

What is Test Smart? A. Waiting until the last day to study for the test. B. The is no such thing as Test Smart. C. To score the maximum amount of points possible. D. Cheating off the smart person next to you. Answer:C
What is the CORE Learning System? A. Collected, Organized, Relaxed, and Excited. B. Cool, Organized, Rehearsed, and Excited. C. Calm, Organized, Relaxed, and Excited. D. Collected, Organized, Rehearsed, and Evaluated. Answer:D
How many factors contribute to how well you will score on tests? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer:C
True or False: you should get a good nights sleep and eat well before a test. True
You should ______ write something in the blanks. Always
If the question contains a ___________ word, like always or every, the answer is probably false. Conditional
If the question contains an _____________ word, like generally or occasionally, the answer is probably true. Unconditional
True or False: you should answer the hard questions first. False
Fill in the blank questions usually ask about ___ ________, and they sometimes are mentioned elsewhere in the test. Key Concepts
Focus on what you __ know instead of what you ____ know when taking a test. Do and Don't
Why should you guess true on a true or false question if you really don't know the answer? A. It's easier for the instructor to write a true statement. B. It sounds good. C. False sounds too negative to answer. D. All of the above. Answer:A
Which describe how to take a guess when you are stumped on a multiple choice question? A. Read all answers and choose the one that is most true. B. Cross out all obviously incorrect answers. C. Cross out answers with unconditional words. D. All of above. Answer: D
True or False: You should picture your outcome of the test by walking through it in your head with success as your outcome. True
When taking a math test you should? A. Stare at the test hoping for the best. B. Start writing random stuff down hoping for some credit. C. Take guesses on the questions because you don't know how to do it. D. Write notes and formulas as soon as you get the test. Answer:
When you are finished with your test you should ______ your answers before turning it in. Review
True or False: When you get the test back with your score you should look through and see what you missed and why. True
True or False: You should take as much time as needed for each question. False
True or False:
Describe how to actively use the CORE learning system. The CORE learning system can be actively used while taking and preparing test. Each letter represents a word that helps you be prepared for taking a test. The C represents collected meaning you have collected all the information needed to pass the test.
continuation of describing how to actively use the CORE learning system. The O is organized meaning you have organized all the study material you need into a way in which you can effectively study and prepare. The R represents rehearsed which means you have taken the time to go over the material in a planned out manner.
continuation. The E is evaluated meaning you have confirmed your understanding of all materials and you are now ready to take the test. The CORE learning system is actively used before and while you take the test because it helps you study and be able to retain
continuation. the information so you can use it on the test.
Describe a test-smart plan. A test-smart plan helps you remember that you are trying to earn as many points as possible on a test. This includes answering the easy questions first. This helps you use less time and gain confidence that can eliminate the test taking anxiety.
continuation of describing a test-smart plan. The second one is spend time in proportions to points available which means that now that you have answered the easy questions you can now divide the time up evenly so you can answer the rest of the questions and turn in the test on time.
continuation Without the test-smart plan you might end up using ten minutes on one question and then you have less time to complete the test, so the test-smart plan is there to help organize and use your time wisely while taking a test.
Created by: adilissio