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Leg and talocrural - Greathouse

What bone(tibia or fibula) is the weight bearing bone of the leg? tibia
Is the fibula a weight bearing bone? no
What is the purpose of the fibula? serves as an attachment for muscles, and provide stability to the ankle joint
Name all of the tarsal bones.(7) talus, calcaneus, navicular, cuboid, medial/lateral/intermediate cuneiforms
What articulates with the tibia and fibula to form the talocrural joint? talus
The head of the talus articulates with what? navicular
The trochlea of the talus articulates with what? the tibia and fibula
What bone transmits BW to other WB bones of the foot. talus(trochlea)
What is the largest tarsal bone? calcaneus
The middle facet of the calcaneus makes the...? sustentaculum tali
What attaches to the posterior surface of the calcaneus? achillies tendon(tendoachillies is what greathouse calls it...go figure)
What part of the calcaneus is weight bearing? tuberosity and medial and lateral processes.
The calcaneus articulates with the cubiod where? anteriorly
The navicular articulates with what four bones? three cunieforms, and the talus
What attaches to the tuberosity of the navicular? posterior tibialis
What bones does the cuboid articulate with? calcaneus, 4-5 metatarsals
How many cunieforms are there and what are their names? 3, medial/intermediate/lateral
What is the largest and strongest bone in the foot? calcaneus
What can cause a Romeo's fracture and what bones does this involve? falling or jumping from a height, involves the calcaneus.
What attaches to the calcaneal tuberosity? achille's tendon
What is the sustentaculum tali? What bone is it on? it is a shelf that supports the lateral talar head and allows for gliding of tendons that pass beneath it./ On the calcaneus
What is the function of the fibular trochlea of the calcaneus? it serves as a pulley for the fibularis(peroneus) longus
How many metatarsals/phalanges are there? 5/14
What fascia is a continuation of fascia lata of thigh, and attaches to med and lat malleoli? crural fascia
The crural fascia attaches to the tibia and fibula via _____. IM septa
What separates the anterior and lateral compartments of the lower leg? Anterior IM septa
What separates lateral and posterior compartments of lower leg? Posterior IM septa
What separates the superficial and deep posterior compartments of the lower leg? transverse IM septa
What prevents tendons of anterior compartment from bowstringing during dorsiflexion and connects tibia to fibula proximal to malleoli? Superior extensor retinaculum
This is the “Y” shapped fascia that attaches laterally to anteriosuperior surface of the calcaneus and forms a loop around tendons of the extensor digitorum longus and fibularis tertius muscle. Inferior extensor retinaculum
This runs between the lateral malleolus and the calcaneus. superior fibular retinaculum
This runs between the calcaneus tubercle and the fibular trochlea. inferior fibular retinaculum
What is located in the crural fascia? great and less saphenous vein nerve, lateral sural cutaneus
What is found in the anterior compartment? EDL, Tib Ant, EHL, deep peroneal(fibular) nerve, ant tib artery and vein
What is found in the lateral compartment? Peroneus(fibularis) longus/brevis and superficial peroneal(fibular) nerve
What is found in the superficial posterior compartment? Gastroc (med & lat), soleus, plantaris; med sural cut n
What is found in the deep posterior compartment? FDL, posterior tib, FHL, popliteus; Post tibial a & v; Tibial n; fibular a & v
What is the most frequently fractured long bone? The tibia
The common fibular(peroneal) nerve originates from what spinal nerves? posterior branches of L4-S2
Where does the common fibular nerve seperate from the tibial nerve? at the apex of the popliteal fossa
The common fibular nerve bifurcates into what two nerves? Where does this bifurcation take place? Deep and Superficial fibular(peroneal)/ behind the neck of the fibula
What muscles are innervated by the deep fibular(peroneal) nerve? anterior tib, EHL, EDL, EDB, Peronius tertius
Deep fibular nerve is responsible for sensation to what area? web space between 1-2 toes
What muscles are innervated by the superficial fibular(peroneal) nerve? Peroneus longus/brevis & lateral sural cutaneus
Superficial fibular nerve is responsible for sensation to what area? lower lateral leg and dorsum of foot
The lateral sural cutaneus nerve provides sensation to what area? upper lateral leg
What kind of joint is the ankle joint? synovial hinge joint
The articular capsule of the talocrural joint is weak where? Because of the weak capsule what does this area depend on for stability? anteriorly/muscles and ligaments
What are the ligaments of the medial ankle?(4) anterior/posterior tibiotalar, tibionavicular, tibiocalcaneal
What are the ligaments of the lateral ankle?(3) anterior/posterior talofibular, calcaneofibular
The talocrural joint receives its blood supply from what arteries? anterior/posterior tibial arteries and fibular(peroneal) artery.
The talocrural joint receives its innervation from what nerves? Deep/Superficial fibular(peroneal) nerve, tibial nerve, sural nerve
a limb-threatening and life-threatening condition observed when perfusion pressure falls below tissue pressure in a close anatomic space...what is this? compartment syndrome
What can develop from tibial fracture and/or tight casting, burns, and/or infection. compartment syndrome
What produces a severe pain out-of-proportion to the injury? compartment syndrome
This is characterized by a significant weakness of ankle and toe dorsiflexion; Ex: the toes drag and the foot hangs. Foot Drop
What is the etiology of foot drop? either neurologic, muscular, or structural
Foot drop is associated with what three things? fibular nerve lesion, L5 radiculopathy, and stroke
What arises as terminal branch of popliteal art? Post tib art
What compartment(s) does the fib art supply? Post and lat
What does the fibular art branch from? Post tib art
What are the branches of the post tib art at the ankle? Med malleolar, medial plantar, lat plantar, calcaneal
Know the three articulation sites between the tib and fib. Proximal tibiofibular jt- ligs and jt capsule; Connection at interosseus membrane; Distal= tibiofibular syndesmosis- ligs and IM but no capsule
Name the ligs of the tibiofibular syndesmosis: Ant tibiofibular lig, post tibiofibular lig, transverse tibiofibular lig (articulates with talus)
Amputation preserves the distal attachment of thigh muscles, why? thus leg flexion and extension are still possible with a prosthesis
Created by: txst sum 2009
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