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dig img quiz 1 set3

digital imaging quiz 1 set 3

Active trace e- beam travel from L to R corner of the monitor creating a line
Horizontal retrace where the e- beam is turned off and returns to the left side of the screen
Vertical retrace beam returns to the top of the screen and creates a line between the originals
What makes up a TV frame? 2 interlaced fields
What makes up a TV field? complete travel of the beam to the bottom of the screen.
A 262 ½ line field will take how long to complete? 1/60th sec
A 525 line field takes how long to complete? 1/30th sec
What is the weakest component for resolution? the monitor at 2 lp/mm ( the II is capable of 4 lp/mm)
What is the minimum SSD for flouro? 15” (38 cm)
What is the minimum SSD for mobile flouro? 12” ( 30 cm)
What is the primary protective barrier in flouro? the image intensifier
Lead equivalency of the II: 2mm Pb eq.
Total filtration in flouro: 2.5 mm Al eq.
What is the lead equivalency of the bucky slot cover and lead drapes in flouro? .25 mm Pb eq. each
Total lead equivalency of the lead aprons in flouro .5 mm Pb eq.
What is the lead equivalency of a protective glove? .25 mm Pb eq.
What is the maximum table top x-ray intensity for flouro? 10 R/min
What happens when the II is moved closer to the pt. in flouro? decreased SID, decreased pt dose, improved image quality.
What affects pt dose in flouro? distance between pt and input phosphor, magnification and tissue density
What happens when we use a smaller field with a dual field II? a smaller pt area is viewed, so the image is magnified and less bright
What system is used to compensate for changing part thickness in flouro? ABC
Total brightness gain of the II is a result of: flux gain and minification gain
Veiling glare causes what? reduced contrast
Veiling glare light is reflected form the window of the output phosphor
Pincushion distortion is caused by: projecting an image from a curved surface onto a flat one
Pincushion distortion causes: distortion at the periphery of the image
“S” distortion caused by: strong magnetic fields
Created by: annaluz87