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Comp Questions

Density The overall Darkness of the Image - Film
Brightness The overall Brightness of the image - Digital
Receptor Exposure The Amount of Radiation that actually hit the Imaging Plate
High Contrast Short Scale; Narrow Window Width; black, white and a few shades of gray
Low Contrast Long Scale; Wide Window Width; lots of shades of gray
Filtration Filters out low energy beams that only add to dose and do not effect the image.
Latitude The amount of error that can be made and still result in a quality image
ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable
Law of Reciprocity mA * Seconds = mAs; as long as the mAs is the same the density / brightness will be the same
Attenuation reduction in the energy of the beam caused by: absorption and scatter
Leakage Radiation x-rays that escape the protective tube housing
Off-Focus Radiation x-rays emitted from parts of the tube other than the focal spot
Back Scatter Photons that scatter after transmission and are deflected backward toward the imaging plate
Exit Radiation x-rays that pass through the part and reach the imaging plate to create the image
Primary Radiation x-ray beam after it leaves the tube and before it reaches the object
Remnant Radiation radiation that passes through the patient
Penumbra the unsharp edge / shadow surrounding the edge of the image
Created by: BPalmquist