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something with a thin, curved shape like a quarter moon crescent
one of a number of birds, such as chicken and duck, used for food fowl
the basic traits and characteristics of people human nature
a boundary established by those who are standing in front of or walking about a place in protest picket line
causing wonder or fear awesome
unfairness injustices
the bearing, influence, or air of a person felt by other people presence
owner proprietor
something that is made known revelations
false; dishonest insincere
to proceed or make steady progress against resistance, such as drilling or digging a hole, bore
designs that have been sewn on cloth with thread embroidery
a doctor who treats animals veterinarian
a floor covering made with a hardened mixture of linseed oil and finely ground cork or wood put on a canvas back linoleum
dim grayish light halflight
a skunk polecats
most improbable unlikeliest
to stand in front of or walk about a place to protest or demand something picketing
the return of money that has been given or paid refund
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