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Equipment Op.

Mid-Term Review

Define: E=MC^2 E = energy M = mass C = speed of light (squared)
Fill in the blank: In the atomic model, protons & neutrons are made up of smaller subnuclear structures called ______. Quarks
T/F: Ionization is the addition or removal of a proton from the atom. F - is the removal of an electron (if asked)
Fill in the blank: X-ray can behave as both a _____ & ______ which is called________. Wave & Particle, which is Wave Particle Duality
List: What are the 12 properties of X-ray. 1. Are highly penetrating, invisible rays which are a form of electromagnetic radiation 2. Are neutral & not affected by either electric or magnetic fields 3. Can be produced over a wide variety of energies & wavelengths 4. Release small amounts of heat w
Name: What are 3 methods of electrification. Contact, Friction & Induction
What is quantity of electron flowing? Current
T/F: The force that drives the electron in the electrical circuit is the potential difference. True
Name: The unit of measurement for resistance. Ohms
T/F: Magnetic Dipoles are created when a # of electrons have the magnetic moment pointing towards the same direction. True
Explain: In a magnetic field what do the lines of a flux represent? Lines of the magnetic force
Explain: What is the function of a generator? To convert mechanical energy to electrical energy
Explain: What is rectification? The process of changing AC to DC (alternating current to direct current)
Name: Two types of rectification. Half Wave & Full Wave
Explain: What are three forms of power needed to produce X-ray. 1. Incoming line current 2. Single phase power 3. Three phase power
Identify which type of rectification is listed with the drawing provided 1. Simple Wave - AC 2. M-Like Half Wave - Single Phase Rectified 3. Full M-Like Wave not touching bottom - Full Wave Rectified 4. Full M-Like Wave not touching bottom (dotted lines) - Three Phase Rectified
T/F: A generator may be, single phase, three phase & have high frequency. True
Explain: Mobile units can run on what kind of power. Battery Operated & Capacitor Discharge
Explain: What is the filament wire made up of & why? Tungsten, because of its high atomic numbers & melting points
Explain: What causes filament to release electrons? Current
T/F: The main function of the glass envelope is to aid in the cooling of the tube through the oil tube housing. F - is to maintain a vacuum (if asked)
Label & Define X-ray Circuit (1pt each) 1. Main Breaker - wall supply of electricity 2. Exposure Switch - button pressed to finish the circuit 3. Autotransformer - stabilizes electricity 4. Timer Circuit - controls exposure time 5. High Voltage Step Up Transformer - increases voltage and prov
Label X-ray Tube & Explain Process (1pt each) When electricity goes through the focusing cup & to the dual filaments it creates a thermionic cloud of electrons that are heated and ejected at half the speed of light into the tungsten anode & become either brems or characteristic photons.
Draw, Name & Explain: Interactions in the process of X-rays. *Bremstahlung Interaction - The incident electron interacts with the nucleus but it does not have enough energy to penetrate it, as it gets close it brakes due to the forcefield and this energy is re-directed elsewhere in the form of Brems photons (produc
Name: Who created X-rays and when. William C. Roentgen, Nov 8 1895
Name: The first American Casualty of X-rays. Clarence Madison Dally
Created by: Marby