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DOT ME Physical Exam

What does FMCSA stand for? Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
What is the purpose of the FMCSA? To ensure safety in motor carrier operations through enforcement of safety regulations, targeting high-risk carriers and CMV drivers; improving safety information systems and CMV technologies; strenghtening CMV equipment and operating standards; increasi
When did Clinton sign into law the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act? 12/9/1999
The FMCSA is focused on reducing ____. ____, _____ involving large trucks and buses Crashes, injuries, fatalities
Who develops and enforces data-driven regs that balance motor carrier safety with industry efficiency? FMCSA
The FMCSA harnesses safety information systems to focus on higher-risk carriers in enforcing ____ ____ Safety regulations
What is the mission of the "Office of Medical Programs"? to promote the safety of America's roadways through the promulgation and implementation of medical regulations, guidelines, and policies that ensure CMV drivers engage in interstate commerce are physically qualified to do so
What does CMV stand for Commercial Motor Vehicle
Who does the Office of Medical Programs report to? The FMCSA
To promote safety, the Office of Medical Programs Oversees nat'l medical certification process, develops and implements medical regs, policies, and procedures;
What does NRCME stand for National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners
What is the primary mission of the NRCME? to improve highway safety by producing trained, certified medical examiners who can effectively determine if a commercial motor vehicle driver's health meets FMCSA standards.
What are the 2 criteria required to become a Medical Examiner? Professional Licensing and Scope of Practice
Medical Examiner definition a person who is licensed, certified, and/or registered in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations to perform physical examinations.
When is Medical Certification required? combined gross weright rating of 10,001+, transporting 9-15 passengers for compensation, 16+ passengers comp or not, transporting haz mats in quantities that require placarding
what must a driver do when returning from illness or injury that interferes with his driving ability? the driver must undergo a medical exam even if the ME's certificate has not expired
who is the ME responsible for certifying? only drivers who meet the physical qualification standards
certification cannot exceed ___ ____ 2 years
how often do drivers in the federal vision and diabetes exemption programs require medical certification? annually
Created by: jenorton1