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Review 1: Consoles

Recording Console review questions (Stack #25360)

What chooses input source? Mic/Line select switch
Name 2 ACTIVE VOLUME controls. Mic Pre-Amp and Line Trim
The mic pre-amp may boost the signal by how much? 60 - 65 dB
What drops the mic input pre-amp level? Pad
What is +48 Volts phantom power used for? Condenser mics & active direct boxes
How much does the Phase Reversal Switch change polarity by? 180 degrees
The mic pre-amp brings mic level up to what? Line level
A Line Trim may boost or cut by how much? +/- 10dB
A drum machine or keyboard input is what level? Line
A Multi-track recorder return is a what? Line input
Name a PASSIVE TONE control. Filter
A High Pass Filter cuts what? Low frequencies
Name an ACTIVE TONE control. EQ
What allows you to selectively emphasize or de-emphasize frequency areas? EQ
An Input Fader is a what? PASSIVE Voume Control
A fader controlling signals going to the Bussing Network is called what? an Input Fader
The Bussing Network is an ...? ACTIVE Combining Network
Sub-master Faders are ...? PASSIVE Volume Controls
Sub-Master Faders control signals coming from the ...? Bussing Network
Which faders control signals going to the main Stereo Buss? Monitor Faders
A Monitor Fader is a ...? PASSIVE Volume Control
Name the PASSIVE Voume Control that control signals coming from the Stereo Buss. Master Faders
What are two main uses for auxiliary sends? Headphone (cue) mix and effects sends
Auxiliary sends used for effects are usually sent how? Post-Fader
Auxiliary sends used for cue mixes are usually sent how? Pre-Fader
This is used to monitor just one channel. Solo
The Mute switch cuts the signal just after the ...? Fader
Unity gain is the position at which ...? Input = Output
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