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Final Exam

final exam

what is the formula for density? mass ÷ volume
Particles in a ________ move faster than liquids and solids gas
Particles in a ________ move slower than liquids and gasses solid
a bond formed when atoms are sharing electrons covalent bonds
how many electrons are needed in the outer energy level (valence electrons) for atoms to be stable 8
What would the correct product be after the equation was balanced? ____Ca + ___ O2  ___ CaO 2Ca + O2  2CaO
a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reacion catalyst
a fundamental principle of science stating that mass cannot be created nor destroyed law of conservation of mass
what are signs of chemical reactions? color changes, temperature change, change in smell
chemical reaction that gives off heat energy exothermic reactions
a change in the position of an object compared to another object motion
mph ; m/s ; km/min label for speed
the change in velocity caused by a gravitational force acceleration due to gravity
change in speed over a certain time acceleration
speed in a given direction velocity
What is the acceleration of a 10 kg object with a force of 200 N? 20 m/s^2
formula for Newton’s 2nd Law Acceleration= force divided by mass
every action there's an equal and opposite reaction Newton’s 3rd Law
the more _______ an object has, the greater the speed and acceleration mass
energy that stays constant law of conservation of energy
simple machine used to split objects apart or hold them in place wedge
machine consisting of two or more machines working as one compound machine
Power is measured in ________? watts
Waves travel as long as they have _____? energy
The slower the wave, the _____ the wavelength longer
frequency of a sound wave using the formula frequency = speed/wavelength
height or strength of a wave amplitude
1/2 (mass) x velocity 2 formula to calculate kinetic energy
electric circuit in which all the electric parts are on one line from positive to negative terminal series circuit
an electric circuit with multiple paths through which current can flow parallel circuit
materials that do not allow electrons to flow easily insulator
electricity made by a moving magnet or coil alternating circuit
Created by: hunter cormier