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Powell- Study Guide

How should you best overcome anxiety? Anticipate it, face it, and take personal responsibility for overcoming it
Your mission in life may change throughout your life? True/False True
This training option allows you to spend part of your time on the job and part in the classroom. While you are still learning, you will usually earn 40%-60% of the normal salary. Apprentieship
As you outline your plan for the future, you need to consider at least 4 factors for each year of your plan. Those factors are? Education/Training Living Arrangements Employment Finances
Your definition of success is innate and doesn't change over time. True/False False
The (blank) process is usually the final step in the job-hunting process. Interview
When returning a completed job application to a potential employer, you will be asked to sign and date it, which? Indicates that the information you provided on the application is true and complete. Gives them the right to contact schools, former employers, or references to verify your answers
A resume should? not be several pages long, not included a current picture of you, and not contain inaccurate information
What should you avoid doing at an informational interview? Asking for a job Staying as long as it takes to get your questions answered
Social media can help or hurt you depending on what you post. True/False True
A "functional" resume is: a resume in which your experience is listed by the major skills you've used rather than by individual jobs
Work is an (blank) act aggressive
A formula for success from Chapter 1 of Career Choices said Vision + Energy = Success. Taking that formula a step further, you might say that High Standards + Unusual Efforts = (?) Excellence
Aggressive behavior is often an ingredient in workplace success. "Aggressive" in this sense means? Taking initiative
Which of the following are not included in the Six E's of Excellence? Eagerness and Earnestness
How should affirmations be used? To improve your own attitude
Women who prepare for more professional-level careers through higher education usually (blank) and have (blank) in their work lives. Earn more More flexibility
The more specific your goals and objectives are, the (blank) they will be. More helpful
What is not a good reason for permanently giving up your dreams? Not having enough money
The most satisfied people are those who actively set and reach (blank) goals throughout their lives. New
Getting what you want differs from deciding what you want in one very important way: it requires action. Is this statement true or false? True
Once you know what your choices are, you need to find out as much as you can about each option so you can make what? Informed decision
As the world changes, or as your own values, wants, and needs evolve, you will need to make adjustments - new decisions. True/False True
Decisions can be-and often should be: Reviewed Changed Updated
When identifying a career that you would find most satisfying you should: Evaluate existing resources Gather information Evaluate your wants and needs
A comprehensive decision-making model includes key steps to follow. Which step is first? Define your goal
Self-respect Dignity
Means of making a living or providing financial support Livelihood
Predicting something that is to come Prophecies
A strong excitement or eagerness Enthusiasm
How you feel towards something Attitude
Confidence in the truth of something Beliefs
Intended to destroy; ruinous Destructive
The purpose for which effort exerted; aim Goal
To move forward with troubles or against obstacles Struggle
Theoretical; hypothetical Abstract
To praise inordinately especially when inspired by self-interest Flatter
The driving force; incentive Motivation
How details are treated in a certain trade or art; methodology Technique
Enticement; something tempting Temptation
Self-control Discipline
Being "in on" a secret Privy
Bravery; nerve; gut Courage
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