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Global Regions Quest

rain shadow rises and cools ; eastern side is wet side
where do people live on the east coast
aborigines nomads: hunters/ gatherers first people in australia
maoris seafarers about 800 yers ago they made large canoes they are farmers
importance of oceania WWII: island hoping today: tourism
european settlers and their effects raised sheep gold rush pushed aborigines off
difference between australia and new zealand australia had oil, new zealand didn't aborigines were home to australia, maoris were home to new zealand
difference between maoris and new zealand aborigines were hunters/gatherers maoris were farmers
melanesia "black islands" isolated
micronesia "tiny islands" isolated
polynesia many hawaiin islands were an example of this isolated
austalia's commerce raised sheep
two islands micronesia
geothermal energy energy from heat sources from the earth volcanoes, geysers, etc
suffrage the right to vote new zealand was the first country to have the right to vote
high islands were volcanic
penal colony australia was this ; where prisoners were sent
nuclear free zone didn't allow nuclear weapons in their waters
climates dictated where people chose to live in australia
land forms the mountain range/the great divide: formed the outback
australia's geography and settlement patterns they lived on the east coast because they had access to water/farming ; they had people who lived in the grasslands to raise sheep ; nobody lived in the outback because there was no water
Created by: oliviaspohn