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Excretory System

All Vocab Needed for Quizzes and Tests

Renal Pelvis flat like cavity that continues on with ureters
Ureter tubes running from the kidneys to the bladder
Urinary Bladder a place for holding/storing urine
ADH (antidiuirectic hormone) hormone that tells kidneys how much water to conserve
Aldosterone hormone that helps regulate sodium and potassium levels
Urea waste product found in urine
Creatine helps to provide energy for muscles by use of ATP
Uric Acid a harmful acid passed out by urine
Characteristics of Urine yellow, slightly acidic, sodium and potassium ions
Micturition the discharge of urine from the bladder
Voiding aka micturition// emptying of bladder
Urethra tube running from bladder to outside
Incontinence lack of control over urine
Renal Cortex Outer region of kidney
Renal Medulla dark-red inside layer
Medullary Pyramids triangular regions near outside of kidney
Calcyes cup shaped area that encloses the apex of pyramids
renal artery feeds blood into kidneys
renal vein filtered blood draining from kidneys
nephron structural and functional unit of the kidneys
Glomerulus (Bowman's Capsule) knot of capillaries
Filtration mass movement of water to help clean out kidneys
Filtrate blood plasma without proteins or blood
Reabsorption mass movement of water absorbed back up to plasma and collecting things that were taken too much of
Secretion last chance to dump out any harmful chemicals or drugs
Urochrome destroyed hemoglobin that makes pee yellow
Glycosuria too much glucose found in urine
Proteinuria physical extersion such as pregnancy
Pyuria urinary tract infection
Hematuria bleeding in urinary tract
Hemoglobinuria transfusion reaction
Billirubinuria hepatitis
Peristalisis involuntary relaxation of muscles
bladder mucosa blocks urine from back flowing into the bladder
transitional epithelium allows bladder to stretch
internal involuntary
external vountary
Renal Calculi kidney stones
Incontinence unable to control external sphincter
Intracellular Fluid 2/3 of total body fluid-found in living cells
Extracellular Fluid 1/3 of total body fluid-found in outside cells
3 methods of maintaining acid-base balance? Buffers, Respiratory System, Kidneys
how does alcohol act as a diuretic? alcohol decreases ADH which doesn't allow the kidneys to absorb as much water
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