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lympthatic sysem

and repitory

protects the body from harmful things: such as it also immune system;bacteria virus microorganisms returns extra fluids to the circulatory system
types of immunity non specific and specific
two types of specific active and passive
specific immunity aquired by the body
non specific present at birth
active body manufactures anit bodys as a responce to an antigin ex- getting chicken pox , vaccines
passive pearson is given anti bodys needed to fight infection is temperary exmother to baby or injection
lyphthattic system includes : lymph, lymph vessles , lymph nodes ,spleen ,thymus glans
lymph clear yellow fluid moves through the sytem by cappilaries carries lymphocytes (disease fighting cells)
lyph nodes filters lymph are clumps of lympthatic tissue found in groups along the lyph
tonsils large lumps of lyphthatic tissue
spleen biggest cluster of lt stores blood filters to clean out old rbc and bacteria
thymus gland locates in the u chest behing the sternum makes t cells or cdh4 lyph that attack pathogyns
anaphylaxys alregic reaction throught swells person stops breathing
normal changes in the lyphthatic system due to ageing weakness anti bodys work slower t cells decrease vacine responce decreases
aids and hiv hiv casuses aids
cancer a disease in which abnormal cells grow in an uncontrollable way
tumar a group of abnormal cells
benighn cancer free
metasticsis spreaded
how cancer is dx biopsy
remision disaperence of symtops temp or perm
palitive care and hospice only have 6 months to live and comeratble
bigger lypm vessles ________________ carry it to the lypmh ducts then returns to the blood
functions of respitory system .takes in o2 for cells .removes co2 (metabolic waste from cells producing enegy
how long can you gowithout o2 4 to 6
nose divided by the nasal septum air enters
nares two openings of the nose
nasal cavityts hollow spaces lines with mucas membranes rich blood suply
sinuses resonence to voice cavities in the skill mucous membranes
pharnyx throught ]naso oro laro
larnyx voice box lies between pharonx and trachea composed of layers adems aplle biggest layer vocal cords
epiglottis a leaf like piece of cartlidge that closes the larnx when swallowing prevents food in the tracea
bronchi two branches that trachea divides into right is shorter wider and more vertical then the left goes into the lung
bronciols two branches
aveolie terminal end of the bronchials air sacks that looks likes grapes epithialial tissure 1 cell thick rich in blood
surfactent iner surfeces od the aveoli helps prevents them from colopsing
right lung has 3 lobes
left lung has 2
pleura the membrane or sac that covers each lung two layers of serous membrane viseral pleura touches the lung parietal pleura body cavity
the fluid between viseral and parietal lubercates membranes and prevents friction plural fluid
ventilation first part of resperration inspiration experation
inspreation and experation= resperation medulla oblingada
resp rate 12-20
stages of resperation external -exchange of o2 and co2 in envioroment internal-alivi and pulmanary caps cellular - o2 enters the cell
asthma a chronic episode disorder in which irritants and cold air cause inflimation and swelling of the air passeges of the llungs
bronchitus a condition where the branchi become permanetly dialated and damaged
chronic obstructive pulmanary disease copd chronic lungs disease that results in obstruction of the air ways
laryngitus inflimation of the laranyx and vocal chords
lung cancer causef by exopsure to caranoma and smoking
pleurisy inflimation of the plura
pheunomina inflimation or infection of lungs builind up in te aveoli
sinustitus inflimation of the mucaus membrane linging of the sinuss
tuberculosis tbinfections disease lung caused by bacterium
uper respitory infection \commen cold inflimation of the mucos membrane lining therespitory tract caused by a virus
emphysema noninfection respitory diesease walls of the aveioli deteriate
epistaxis nose bleed
influenza flue contagious infecion of the uper repitory system
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