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Tangerine Part 2 Sen

“It’s how we’ve done it that is so _____." Extraordinary
“The War Eagles have set out on a bloody _____ through the county.” Rampage
“Tino was staring at him with _____, with no trace of the hard-guy face he usually carries around.” Reverence
“He became a genius at _____.” Horticulture
“And there sat Eric---_____, casual wearing his football-hero smile.” Composed
“The rest of the War Eagles mobbed me and _____ me up.” Hoisted
“I shook my head _____.” Vehemently
“Luis thinks it could even return this are to its former _____ as the the tangerine capital of the world.” Prominence
“Tonight I was down in the _____ searching for information on tangerines.” Alcove
“I rolled my chair to the entrance of the _____ so he could see me.” Alcove
“And whether his attitude like it or not, he’s _____ for that and for my missing property.” Liable
“But is it really worth your time and money to hire a lawyer and go to court just to take some guy’s _____ pickup truck away?” Dilapidated
“The new bud that we grafted onto the rootstock is called a _____.” Scion
“I saw a _____ white cloud enter the backyard, like an angel of death.” Billowing
“_____ looking gangs, just standing around, watching the karate kickers go at it.” Menacing
“It was only a matter of time until she found the range and scored, in spite of those _____ fullbacks.” Menacing
“They turned us and started _____ as we began our lap around the field.” Jeer
“In my eyes! I went _____!” Berserk
“That Eric had actually made the victory possible by being the _____” Decoy
“They gotta get _____, he said. _____for bugs.” Fumigated
Created by: N8D
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