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collection of programs that contains instruction for displaying words and images, saving info, and detecting the users keyboard operating system
declination of Earth's magnetic field is 0 degrees agonic line
versatile computer-directed machine that is programmed to do different tasks without human intervention robot
vacuum tube that has 3 electrodes triode
2 main types of software are system software and application software
branch of electricity dealing with the behavior and motion of electrons in a vacuum electronics
computer designed to perform very few functions special-purpose computer
memory of a computer where only temporary storage is found RAM
common coding system that requires 1 byte per character ASCII
program stored in a form that the CPU can understand is in __?__ language machine language
device that uses p-n junction to allow current flow diode
actual physicla components of a computer hardware
raw materials are coated onto a wafer made of __?__ for circuits silicon
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist