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PS: FE 5

Energy associated with an object's motion kinetic energy
alcohol contains a compound found in the __?__ group hydroxyl
vector that represents the rate of change in an object's position velocity
actual multiplication of force provided by a simple machine is it's AMA
additive primary colors of light red, green, and blue
device for communicating over long distances telegraph
most common type of transistor field-effect transistor
Cathode rays are made of what type of particle electrons
device used for detecting electric charges electroscope
material with unpaired electrons per atom that strongly attracts magnets ferromagnetic
formula for power P=VI
circuit where loads are arranged so that current flows through each load one after the other series circuit
circuit where loads are arranged in separate branches and current is divided parallel circuit
formula for wave speed Speed = (wavelength)(frequency)
sound that has a frequency below human hearing infrasonic
sound that has a frequency above human hearing ultrasonic
formula for momentum momentum = (mass)(velocity)
interference causes __?__ and __?__ of sound waves consonance and dissonance
when there is a change in a sound's frequency that is caused by the object's motion demonstrates __?__ doppler effect
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist