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Ch49 Eye & Ear Drugs

What is conjunctivitis? Inflammation of the delicate membrane covering the eye and inner eyelids AKA PINK EYE
Conjunctivitis treatment Requires Antibiotic therapy
Possible S.E. of topical antiinfective drugs -noninfectious conjunctivitis -local skin & eye irritation
Blepharitis Infection if margins of eyelid TREATMENT: anti infective agent
Drugs of choice for AOM & alternative if patient had allergy *amoxicillin If mild allergy then a cephalosporin Severe allergy; give azithromycin and clarithromycin
Risk factors for acute otitis media (AOM) Kids <2, that go to daycare Exposure to tobacco smoke or air pollution
Hordeolum AKA stye Local infection of eyelash follicles & glands on kid margins Treatment: anti infective drug
Common S.E of Otic antimicrobials Burning & stinging
How long should a person in between two topical medications? 5 mins
What should the nurse do prior to administering ophthalmic anti inFectives? Screen the patient for previous allergic reactions
What medications will be included for the patient if they have inflammation that is secondary to a bacterial or fungal infection? Antibiotics or anti-fungal agents
When should anti-inflammatories not be given? If the patient has a viral infection
Drugs prescribed when eye inflammation is caused by Allergies? Ophthalmic antihistamines; emedastine (Emadine), epinastine (Elestat) Mast cell stabilizers; cromolyn (Crolom), nedrocromil (Alocril)
Frequent adverse effects from anti inflammatory drugs ? Burning , headache, stinging
What do ophthalmic decongestants do ? They are vasoconstrictors, narrow blood vessels E.G. naphazoline (Clear Eyes)
Ophthalmic decongestants should be avoid by who? Patients with narrow-angle glaucoma (May pose problems for patients with Hypertension too)
Use of eye lubricants -alleviate discomfort from eye dryness -moisten contact lenses & artificial eyes
Lubricant examples (OTC; liquid & ointment forms) Isopto tears, tearisol, ultra tears, lens mate, etc
Cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion (Restasis): mech. Action Suppresses the immune response that leads to inflammation, allowing tear production to resume
Ophthalmic immunosuppressants contraindications -patient with bacterial infection of the eye (unless accompanied with antibiotic) -viral eye infections (e.g. Herpes)
What is glaucoma? Eye condition in which optic nerve damage occurs as a result of increased IOP, which is a buildup of pressure within the eye from too much aqueous humor
Open-angle glaucoma Trabecular network becomes clogged, overtime IOP increase
Narrow- angle glaucoma (aka closed-angle, angle-closure) Iris blocks the trabecular network by "narrowing" the exit where fluid typically drains.. fluid build up within eye & increases IOP
Herbs contra. In glaucoma patients Bitter orange & coffee
Why is it important to use warm water during irrigation? To prevent nausea and vomiting
Ceruminolytics Topical otic agents that soften or break up ear wax so it can be removed
Otic Referring to the ear
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