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TOC QA/QC terms

TOC info

Analysis Batch A set of samples prepared and analyzed on the same instrument during a 24-hr period. This includes Cal samples, blanks, and regular samples. It is limited to 20 field samples, not including QC samples.
Calibration blank is a volume of LRW treated with same reagents used in prep of calibration standards. It is a "zero standard" and is used to calibrate TOC analyzer.
Calibration blank Is made at the same time as the calibration standards and stored along with and under the same conditions as the calibration standards.
Calibration blank is used to monitor increases in organic background found in the calibration standards over time by analyzing it as a sample and comparing the results with initial analysis of it.
Field Reagent Blank optional. A volume equivalent to that which is collected at a sample site, of LRW is placed in a sample bottle then transferred into a different bottle and analyzed. Think transport blank
Laboratory reagent blank A volume of LRW that's prepared with each sample set, and treated as a TOC sample, including expsure to glassware, plasticware, equipment and reagents. Used to determine if organic contamination or other interferences are present in lab environment.
Field Duplicates Gives measure of the precision associated with sample collection, preservation, storage, analysis and lab procedure.
Laboratory Fortified Matrix an aliquot of a field sample to which a known quntity of KHP is added. The LFM is subjected to same prep and analysis as a sample and its purpose is to determine whether sample matrix affects accuracy of TOC results.
Laboratory Fortified Matrix The background concentration of organic carbon in the sample matrix must be determined in a separate aliquot and the measured value in the LFM corrected for background concentration.
Laboratory Reagent Water may be distilled or deionized or HPLC reagent grade or equivalent water which is low in TOC and less than 0.35 ppm TOC and less than 0.01 UVA.
Laboratory fortified matrix duplicate If an analyte is rarely detected in a matrix, do this: use a second portion of sample to which a known amount of analyte of interest is added before sample prep.
Quality Control Sample Solution containing known conc. of TOC, which is analyzed exactly like a sample. It's obtained from a source external to lab and is different from source used for preparing Cal stds.
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