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Admin Law Final

Unemployement comp purpose and definition purpose- provide financial assitannce to employees transitioning between jobs def- provides temp benefits to an employee who lost job thru no fault of his own
workers comp purpose, def and benefits purpose- to compenstae injuried employee so that he and his family are sustained def- public benefits to an employee who is injuriged on the job benefits- comp based on earnings: med, perscip,rehab, loss of life/ limb and disfigurement
"On the job" on premises or off the premises providing services for the ER. any sancution approved by ER such as work travel
quit voluntary termination with a compelling reason and is necessary must do everything in power to not quit
firing not eligible if fired for "willful misconduct related to work" must be fired thru no fault of own
Health reasons must inform ER prior to quitting. ER can offer suitable work if ER fails to accomdate then you may quit
spouse relocation must be beyond spouses control and relocation created economic circumstances which could not be overcame
steps in Workers Comp EE reports injury ER reports to insurer ER either pays or denies if denied employee file claim petition claim assigned to work comp judge work comp judge appeal board Appeals Court PA.S.Ct
Steps in Unemployement comp Employee files cliam Fin elgilbilty legal elibilty if approved, denied appeal before UC ref appeal to UCBR appeals court PA.S.Ct
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