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Final Review

determining the strength and quality of a drug by testing it on an animal or isolated organ bioassay
to give administer
habit forming addictive
to prepare and give out dispense
authorized publication on drug preparations pharmacopoeia
vaccines, blood, and blood components biologics
CNS depressant narcotic
to order the use of a drug prescribe
one who has met the professional and legal requirements of a profession practitioner
improper use of a substance abuse
agent that increases excretion of urine diuretic
agent that reduces fever antipyretic
agent to prevent infectious diseases immunologic
agent that destroys bacteria antibiotic
agent that modifies psychotic behavior neuroleptic
agent too prevent conception contraceptive
agent that induces vomiting emetic
agent that induces sleep hypnotic
agent that produces a loss of sensation anesthetic
agent that relaxes blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure vasodilator
agent that controls symptoms of epilepsy, prevents or relieves seizures anticonvulsant
hypersensitivity to a substance allergy
amount of medication that is ordered dose
following a system of moral principles ethical
legal document patient chart
convex or concave upper surface of a column of liquid meniscus
way in which medication is given route
not transparent opaque
particles that separate from a solution precipitate
action that goes against a set of moral principles unethical
one who acts on behalf of another agent
unlawful illegal
three times a day tid
gram g
every three hours q3h
and et
normal n
nothing by mouth NPO
before meals ac
label Sig
normal saline NS
distilled water DW
ointment ung
as needed PRN
four times a day qid
twice a day bid
immediately stat
intradermal ID
solution sol
every hour qh
teaspoon tsp
sublingual SL
after meals pc
pint p
by mouth PO
purpose of MEDWATCH program monitor drug safety
medication administration errors may be reported to USP MER
drug that is muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant valium
drug that smooth muscle of the respiration tract aminophylline
drug not found in office emergency kits penicillin
On ISIMP error prone list IN
NDC numbers identify manufacture, product, size of container
order that is only as needed is called PRN order
instructions that are to be followed for various situations is called standing order
part of prescription pad that states names and quantities of ingredients inscription
part of prescription pad that sates refills repetatur
part of prescription pad that states directions signature
pepto-bismol and kaopectate are antidiarrheals
acetaminophen and ibuprofen are examples of what analgesics and antipyetics
process of drug passing into body fluids and tissues absorption
agent that loosens and facilitates removal of respiratory secretions expectorant
drugs that decrease blood cholesteraol antihyperlipidemics
drugs that prevent blood clotting anticoagulants
route when medication is injected into a joint is called intra-articular
another name for lozenge troche
tablets with a groove scored
tablets that dissolve in the intestines enteric-coated
drugs that are used externally with massage to provide heat liniments
drugs that dissolve in alcohol or alcohol and water tinctures
liquid prep of oil and water emulsion
liquid prep which drug is dissolved in solvent solution
USP/NF is published 5 years
drugs with lowest level for abuse Schedule V
marijuana is which schedule drug Schedule I
not made thru genetic engineering premarin
not a biologic s made with recombinant DNA technology Nutropin
drug derived from plants digitalis
drugs official name generic
drugs used to locate a disease process in the body is diagnostic use
drug used to only treat the symptoms of a disease is therapeutic use
study of drugs and their relationship to the treatment of disease is called pharmacotherapeutics
which injection method route provides that fastest absorption intravenous
when performing indradermal injection you should not massage the area
when performing subcutaneous injection you should not insert needle at a 20 degree angle
when performing intramuscular injection you should hold needle at a 90 degree angle
medication that is administered subcutaneous insulin
when performing subcutaneous injection you should hold needle at a 45 degree angle
subcutaneous injections are inserted into which part of skin fatty layer
which drug route is not a quick absorption oral
how a medication is introduced into the body is called administering
ounce oz
before meals ac
drop gtt
which measurement is based on a yard apothecary
which measurement is most commonly used for drug measurement metric
which unit of measurement is part of household system tablespoon
1 grain = 60mg
15 gtts = 1 Ml
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