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MedPrep pract. exam

Which of the following is the least complex? A. Ureters B. Nephron C. Connective tissue D. Ribosome D. Ribosome
Which body cavity is superior to the thoracic cavity? A. Abdominal cavity B. Dorsal cavity C. Pelvic cavity D. Cranial cavity D. Cranial Cavity
A midsagittal plane cuts the body into: A. Right and left halves. B. Top and bottom. C. Front and back. D. Trunk and extremities. A. Right and left sides
Cardiac muscle allows for: A. Peristalsis. B. Voluntary movement. C. Contractions of the heart. D. Circumduction. C. Contractions of the heart
The pectoralis major muscle is found in the: A. Back. B. Foot. C. Chest. D. Lower arm. C. Chest
What part of the eye is made of nerve cells that transmit light impulses to the optic nerve? A. Lens B. Retina C. Pupil D. Sclera B. Retina
If a cotton swab is pushed too far inside the ear, it could puncture the: A. Organ of corti. B. Pinna. C. Eustachian tube. D. Tympanic membrane. D. Tympanic Membrane
Where does blood go when it leaves the right atrium? A. Right ventricle B. Pulmonary artery C. Pulmonary vein D. Left ventricle A. Right Ventricle
A blood sample from someone who has a lack of dietary iron would MOST LIKELY show a decrease in: A. Platelets. B. Leukocytes. C. Thrombocytes. D. Erythrocytes. D. Erythrocytes
What disorder of the skeletal system would be considered a traumatic injury? A. Arthritis B. Dislocation C. Gout D. Lordosis B. Dislocation
What two signs or symptoms in a child are MOST LIKELY caused by otitis media? A. Hearing loss and dizziness B. Dysuria and dysphagia C. Fever and earache D. Nausea and vomiting C. Fever and earache
Mr. Jerrell is 70 years old and notices that when he attempts to urinate, he has difficulty getting started. This is likely a sign of: A. Prostatic hypertrophy. B. Testicular cancer. C. Cryptorchidism. D. Epididymitis. A. Prostatic hypertrophy
What hospital acquired disease is caused by a strain of staph bacteria that does not respond to the antibiotics that are most commonly effective against staph infections? A. Autism B. MRSA C. PTSD D. Salmonella B. MRSA
What biomedical therapy focuses on unspecialized human cells that are capable of renewing themselves through cell division? A. Stem cell research B. Gene therapy C. Cloning D. Stromal cell transfusions A. Stem cell research
A patient from Scotland tells you he is 175 cm tall. How tall is he? (1 in = 2.54 cm) A. 5 ft 3 in B. 5 ft 9 in C. 6 feet D. 6 ft 3 in B. 5 ft 9 in
A physician tells her patient to take 30 ml of Maalox every 8 hours. How many tablespoons of Maalox would the patient take in 24 hours? (1 tbsp = 15 ml) A. 2 tbsp B. 4 tbsp C. 6 tbsp D. 8 tbsp C. 6 TBSP
A physician leaves the house at 0700, drives 30 minutes to the hospital, makes rounds for one hour, and then drives 25 minutes to the office. His/her first patient should be scheduled at: A. 0800. B. 0830. C. 0900. D. 0930. C. 0900
In the active listening model, who provides the initial message? A. Sender B. Protagonist C. Receiver D. Antagonist A. Sender
What is the medical root word for bladder? A. Cost B. Gastro C. Chole D. Cyst D. Cyst
Someone with tachycardia has: A. Excessive thirst. B. Profuse sweating. C. A rapid heart rate. D. Chest pain. C. A rapid heart rate
What two prefixes have similar meanings? A. Poly- and multi- B. Sub- and retro- C. Pre- and anti- D. Hemi- and peri- A. Poly- and multi-
Leslie broke her nose and needs to have it fixed. What is the medical term for the procedure that should be performed? A. Nasopexy B. Rhinoplasty C. Nasoscopy D. Rhinotomy B. Rhinoplasty
If the term, eupnea, is used to describe someone’s breathing, you would expect the person to be: A. Out of breath. B. Gasping for air. C. Holding their breath. D. Breathing normally. D. Breathing normally
What medical professional would measure a patient’s FBS, Hgb and Hct? A. Respiratory therapist B. Occupational therapist C. Medical Laboratory Technician D. Emergency Medical Technician C. Medical Lab Technician
What is the largest source of funding for the medical care of Americans with low income? A. Tricare B. Hospice C. Medicare D. Medicaid D. Medicaid
If a healthcare worker tries to imagine how she would feel if, like her patient, she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the worker is demonstrating: A. Discretion. B. Empathy. C. Competence. D. Tact. B. Empathy
In most settings, what should ALL healthcare providers wear on the job? A. Makeup B. Jewelry C. Gloves D. Name badge D. Name Badge
What level of emergency medical services credential is usually earned in two years from a community college? A. Paramedic B. EMT C. First responder D. Emergency room physician A. Paramedic
Which of the following is an example of a college that would award a BSN degree? A. Florida Junior College B. Ohio Community College C. Oregon Technical College D. Georgia State College D. Georgia State College
What health informatics professional would listen to recorded tapes from physicians and translate them into recorded text? A. Epidemiologist B. Process technician C. Medical transcriptionist D. Medical technologist C. Medical Transcriptionist
What medical specialist cares for someone with otitis media, nasal polyps, or chronic laryngitis? A. Pathologist B. Otolaryngologist C. Oncologist D. Endocrinologist B. Otolaryngologist
Which of the following is an entry-level career in therapeutic services? A. Nursing assistant B. Physician assistant C. Occupational Therapy Assistant D. Phlebotomist A. Nursing Assistant
When preparing your resume, where should you list special courses you have taken that directly relate to the job requirements? A. Professional affiliations B. Education C. Awards and honors D. Special courses should not be listed. B. Education
When writing a cover letter, you should be sure to: A. Repeat the information included in your resume. B. Use a generic template you found online. C. End with “I hope to hear from you soon.” D. Be brief, specific, and include your contact information D. Be brief, specific, and include your contact information
A patient goes into surgery for a right hip replacement and the surgeon replaces the left hip. The surgeon would MOST LIKELY be charged with: A. Negligence. B. Malpractice. C. Assault. D. Defamation. B. Malpractice
What legislation enacted in 1996 protects the security and privacy of health data? A. Americans with Disabilities Act B. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act C. Civil Rights Act D. Affordable Care Act B. HIPAA
What are ethical standards based on? A. Local and state laws B. Culture C. Moral principles D. Company policies C. Moral Principles
A patient has very specific beliefs about the food she is willing to eat. What has the GREATEST influence on beliefs about eating? A. Age B. Culture C. Race D. Socioeconomic status B. Culture
A patient is hospitalized for a hernia repair, and ends up developing an infection in the hospital. What term describes this type of infection? A. Nosocomial B. Sterile C. Staph D. Antibiotic-resistant A. Nosocomial
An antifungal cream can be effective in treating: A. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. B. Warts. C. Burns. D. A yeast infection. D. yeast infection
What statement about bacteria is true? A. They are plantlike organisms. B. They are visible only with an electron microscope. C. Some are harmful, some are helpful. D. They only reproduce inside other living cells C. Some are harmful, some are helpful.
What does an aerobic pathogen need to survive? A. Oxygen B. Sugar C. Absence of sunlight D. A host A. Oxygen
You are to clean the dentures of a patient who has pneumonia. What personal protective equipment should you wear? A. Gloves only B. Gloves and mask C. Gloves and gown D. Gloves, gown and mask A. Gloves only
A sharps container is used in a healthcare setting for the disposal of: A. Contaminated dressings. B. Contaminated Safety syringes. C. Biopsy specimens. D. Medications. B. Contaminated Safety syringes.
An autoclave is used to sterilize equipment using: A. Dry heat. B. Boiling water. C. Steam under pressure. D. Chemicals at high temperature C. Steam under pressure
Before operating on a patient and putting on sterile gloves, what type of handwashing does the surgeon use? A. Cool water handwashing B. Alcohol-based handrub C. Regular handwashing D. Antiseptic handwashing D. Antiseptic handwashing
What must a healthcare worker do before and after every patient contact, handling specimens, and eating or drinking? A. Put on gloves B. Wash hands C. Brush teeth D. Document his/her actions B. Wash hands
A child drinks a small amount of a cleaning product. What document would describe the first aid treatment for someone who drinks this specific product? A. The PDR B. The product’s MSDS C. The EPA’s website D. Medical dictionary B. the products MSDS
home health aide walks into a home and smells smoke. What is the FIRST thing he/she should do? A. Look up the phone number and call the fire department. B. Search the house to find out what is causing the smoke. C. Remove the patient from immediate C. Remove the patient from immediate danger
How much sleep do MOST high school students need every night? A. 4 – 5 hours B. 5 – 6 hours C. 6 – 9 hours D. 8 – 10 hours C. 6-9 hrs.
What provides a reasonable measurement of body fat? A. BMI B. Weight C. AC1 D. RDA A. BMI
Of the following, which is the BEST example of aerobic exercise? A. Golf B. Dancing C. Weight lifting D. Yoga B.Dancing
In 2006, what vaccine was licensed by the FDA to prevent cervical cancer? A. Chickenpox B. Smallpox C. Human papillomavirus D. Polio C. Human papillomavirus
What term describes an illness in which the physical symptoms are a result of what is happening in the mind? A. Holistic B. Homeopathic C. Psychosomatic D. Neurotic C. Psychosomatic
What is the normal range of pulse rates for adults? A. 40 – 80 B. 60 – 100 C. 80 – 120 D. 100 – 140 ___ 93. (10) What would you measure to determine if B. 60-100
What would you measure to determine if a patient is hypertensive? A. Blood pressure B. Pulse C. Respiration D. Temperature A. Blood Pressure
If a patient has been smoking, a health care worker should wait 15 minutes before taking: A. The blood pressure. B. A pulse. C. An oral temperature. D. An axillary temperature C. An oral temperature
When using an AED, what should you do IMMEDIATELY before pressing the shock button? A. Tell all rescuers to stand back. B. Place the victim in recovery position. C. Check for a pulse. D. Attach the electrodes. A. Tell all rescuers to stand back.
Applications that are designed to run on a common platform, operate in a common environment, and communicate through direct data transfer are known as: A. Integrated B. Interfaced C. Normalized D. Optimized B. Interfaced
What is the initial layer of protection to prevent unauthorized, external access to a facility’s information network? A. Digital certificates B. Encryption C. Firewall D. Password authentication C. Firewall
What is the most common risk to patient privacy and confidentiality? A. An organization’s employee B. Inadequate firewall protection C. Inadequate system design D. Viruses, worm, and Trojan horses A. An organization’s employee
Created by: MrsBuss
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