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Papal Encyclicals

Leo XIII to Francis

Mater et Magistra John XXIII 1961 Arms Buildup, Cold War, Agriculture
Pacem in Terris John XXIII 1963 Berlin/Cuba, Fragile Peace, Universal Common Good
Gaudium et Spes Paul VI 1965 Rapid Change, Smaller World, Questioning of Authority
Populorum Progressio Paul VI 1967 Space, Tech, Military, Development
Humanae Vitae Paul VI 1968 Marriage, Family, Birth Control
Laborem Exercens John Paul II 1981 Un(der)employment, Family, Emigration
Redemptor Hominis John Paul II 1979 Communism, Dignity of Human Person
Veritatis Splendor John Paul II 1993 Moral Theology
Evangelium Vitae John Paul II 1995 Abortion, Euthanasia, Contraception
Laudato Si Francis 2015 Ecology, Environmental Racism, Pollution
Caritas in Veritate Benedict XVI 2009 Human Development, Cooperation of Human Family, Development of People & Tech
Lumen Fidei Francis 2013 Faith & Reason, Common Good
Spes Salvi Benedict XVI 2007 Christian Virtue, Hope & Redemption, Eternal Life
"Pentecost Message" Pius XII 1941 War, Totalitarian Regimes
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis John Paul II 1987 Superdevelopment, Rigid Ideologies, Structures of Sin, International Organizations
Deus Caritas Est Benedict XVI 2006 Hegemony of Heterodoxy, Dictatorship of Relativism, Church vs. State
Rerum Novarum Leo XIII 1891 Work/Industrial Rev.
Quadragesimo Anno Pius XI 1931 Economic Depression, WWI
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