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19 CFR Parts

Part 4 Vessels-Foreign/Domestic
Part 7 Customs Relations with Insular Possessions
Part 10 Articles Conditionally Free, Subject to a Reduced Rate
Part 11 Packing, Stamping and Marking
Part 12 Special Classes of Merchandise
Part 18 Transportation in Bond
Part 19 Customs Warehouses, Container Stations
Part 24 Customs Financial & Accounting Procedures
Part 54 Imports Temporarily Free of Duty
Part 101 General Provisions
Part 102 Rules of Origin
Part 103 Availability of Information
Part 111 Customs Brokers
Part 112 Carriers, Cartmen and Lightermen
Part 113 Customs Bonds
Part 114 Carnets
Part 115 Cargo Container/Road Vehicle Certification
Part 118 Centralized Examination Stations
Part 122 Air Commerce Regulations
Part 123 Customs Regulations with Canada and Mexico
Part 125 Cartage and Lighterage of Merchandise
Part 127 General Order, Unclaimed and Abandoned Merchandise
Part 128 Express Consignments
Part 132 Quotas
Part 133 Trademarks and Copyrights
Part 134 Country of Origin Marking
Part 141 Entry of Merchandise
Part 142 Entry Process
Part 143 Special Entry Procedures
Part 144 Warehouse Entries and Withdrawals
Part 145 Mail Importations
Part 146 Foreign Trade Zones
Part 147 Trade Fairs
Part 148 Personal Declarations/Exemptions
Part 149 ISF-Importer Security Filing
Part 151 Examination, Sampling, Testing
Part 152 Classification and Appraisement
Part 158 Relief from Duties on Lost Merchandise, Damaged or Exported
Part 159 Liquidation of Duties
Part 161 General Enforcement Provisions
Part 162 Inspection, Search and Seizure
Part 163 Recordkeeping
Part 171 Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures
Part 172 Liquidated Damages
Part 173 Administrative Review
Part 174 Protests
Part 175 Petitions by Domestic Parties
Part 176 Court of International Trade
Part 177 Administrative Rulings
Part 178 Approval of Information Collection Requirements
Part 181 NAFTA
Part 191 Drawback
Part 192 Export Control
Part 351 Antidumping & Countervailing Duties
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