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PS: Ch 15 T

SI unit of current flow ampere
lamp that produces light by heating a filament so it glows incandescent lamp
Converts pulses of electricity into sound waves loudspeaker
"force" which electricity flows voltage
If current increases in a circuit, then __?__ increases power
list 3 parts of an AC motor Armature, Field Magnet, Slip Ring
the total voltage in a series circuit is sum of the individual voltages
What unit is used by electric companies in which they charge for their electricity kw/hr
device that uses electromagnetic induction to produce an electric current generator
an electrical switch operated by an electromagnet relay
list the four factors that affect resistance type of material, diameter of object, length of object and temperature
by using electromagnetic induction, __?__ can increase or decrease voltage of alternating currents transformer
SI unit to measure the 'force' an electric current flows volt
circuit that has gaps where an electron cannot cross open circuit
ability of magnetism to convert motion into current electromagnetic induction
Formula for Power P=VI
Formula for Voltage V=IR
give 3 things that affect the strength of an electromagnetically induced current speed of magnet, number of turns of wire, strength of magnet
generator that uses a fluid as a moving conductor magnetohydrodynamic generator
a wire moving in a magnetic field generates no current if it travels __?__ to the lines of flux parallel
what law shows the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance ohm's law
semiconductor that emits light when a direct electric current is applied light-emitting diode (LED)
device used to open and close a circuit switch
arranging electrochemical cells in parallel causes the voltage to __?__ remain the same
arranging the electrochemical cells in series causes the voltage to __?__ increase
arranging electrochemical cells in parallel causes the current to __?__ increase
Current and voltage are __?__ proportional directly
Electrical device used to add resistance to a circuit resistor
"V" stands for voltage or volts
"I" stands for current or amps
"R" stands for resistance or omega
"P" stands for power or watts
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist